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decidido, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈtərmənd/ /dɪˈtəːmɪnd/

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    (mood/person) decidido
    (mood/person) resuelto
    to be determined to + inf estar decidido a + inf
    estar empeñado en + inf
    to be determined that estar resuelto / decidido a que + subj
    we must make a determined effort to prevent it debemos esforzarnos al máximo para impedirlo
    • He said he had made consistent and determined efforts to resolve the matter and had visited the workers on a number of occasions to lend his support.
    • Still, he paid a handsome enough dividend for the place and it was a gutsy determined effort on the part of the horse and rider Fran Flood.
    • They simply ripped them limb from limb in the second half with a ferociously determined and hungry display which left Cork begging for mercy.
    • Connacht survived a determined Beziers display to squeeze into the second round of the Parker Pen Challenge Cup despite defeat in Galway.
    • Certainly the final score does no justice to a determined display.
    • But as the two men emerged from the White House they displayed a determined sense of unity.
    • Despite a strong and determined second half effort, the Warriors lost the game, 70-61.
    • The blue shirts, who dominated the game in the past in the local fraternity are making a determined effort to revive the game.
    • We were well aware before the conflict began of the determined efforts made by the regime to dismantle the weapons, to hide them.
    • There is no amount of forces, no amount of money that can protect them at the end of the day if there is a determined effort or if there's inside help.
    • We here at the Sunday Herald sports desk, in a determined effort to get to the bottom of this, extended the quest for the answer to some of the leading lights in the Scottish game.
    • Legitimacy involves not only genuine adherence to international rules, but also a determined effort to win hearts and minds throughout the world.
    • The new investment policies have been a determined effort in this direction.
    • Now, Union armies are massing in Eastern Tennessee in a determined effort to cut the South in two.
    • In the US and UK, meantime, determined and successful efforts have been made to extend the term of copyright.
    • I'd hope for some real action on marijuana laws, and a determined effort to regain our energy sovereignty.
    • This proved to be an excellent motivator for the team in terms of spurring them on to deliver a focused and determined team effort.
    • The host club are still involved in the Kildare senior championship and are making a determined effort for honours.
    • One of the reasons that the conference has grown so rapidly is the determined efforts of the student volunteers who put it on.
    • This ensured compliance in most middle class districts but provoked determined resistance in working class suburbs such as Blanchardstown.
    • There is so much we don't know about September 11, and the government seems determined that we should continue not to know.
    • He returned from England in 1991 determined that his village would have a proper school to offer education to the children.
    • He returned home disillusioned, but determined that he would never lose another race under any circumstances.
    • After tasting the Ashes atmosphere at Lord's yesterday I'm more determined that ever to play a home Test for England.
    • Manley was also determined that every adult should have the right to vote and not just the property owners and taxpayers.
    • No, if I'm to enter SYTYF and risk the derision that may entail, I'm determined that it be for a nobler cause.
    • Tough times did not diminish their idealism but made them even more determined that to transform lives you have to transform society.
    • Following last year's cancellation, the organisers are even more determined that it should be a superb three days.
    • It was very unpleasant but I'm completely determined that people should be able to live in peace.
    • The brutal assault on Patsy Kehoe has left the man shaken but determined that he will not be put out of his home by thugs.
    • I am just so angry and determined that we will get justice for James and the others.
    • Which made him all the more determined that there would be no repetition at Celtic.
    • I don't normally make New Year Resolutions, but I'm determined that 2004 is going to see me pass the 50 mark.
    • He soon finds himself caught between the moguls of the textile industry and the trade unions, all equally determined that his invention never sees the light of day.
    • The other part of me was still doggedly determined that whatever it was that made Mary so different, so fragile, it was not my fault.
    • Your husband seems determined that the third shall also incur some misfortune by refusing to make me the Compensation which he once promised.
    • I became very determined that the birth of my child was going to be a gentle affair, not a hospital sideshow.
    • And this also makes me the more desirous to read him and the more determined that I will not.
    • So we were all really determined that the politics of the strike, of that working class community at the time, should be central to the musical.
    • I was getting really determined that I would hit the ball before we stopped playing.