Translation of determiner in Spanish:


determinante, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈtərmənər/ /dɪˈtəːmɪnə/

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    determinante masculine
    • The idea that the determiner heads a noun phrase might seem counterintuitive to some readers.
    • I'm no kind of expert on translation, but if they'd asked me, I would have been tempted to nominate some morphological category like inchoative, or some preposition or determiner.
    • In this intermediate period, especially indefinite determiners seem to be distributed in a quite clear cut way according to the specificity of the referents introduced by the respective noun phrases.
    • It's not true that determiners are always atomic, certainly - it's normal for them to show gender and number agreement, of course, and there are some other sorts of morphologically complex determiners as well.
    • Every noun phrase has a particular curve associated with it that is described by a lowering of pitch after the determiner and then a rise again after the noun.