Traducción de detox en español:


Pronunciación /ˈditɑks/ /ˈdiːtɒks/


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    • They started by studying men and women at all levels of drinking from abstention to those in detox for full-blown alcohol problems.
    • She gives birth, he's vomiting in detox in a nearby hospital room.
    • Acupuncture works best if the person is in detox.
    • This treatment assists in detox and stress relief and is particularly beneficial for anyone trying to give us smoking.
    • Actually playing this game could lead to an intervention and a week in detox.
    • I was immediately whisked away then taken to Gladstone Psychiatric Hospital, where I was supposed to spend the next few days in detox.
    • We can keep her in detox for ten days or so without her permission.
    • Even my sister Sam's husband was suckered in, and he spent six months in detox.
    • European spas have long offered medically supervised detox programs.
    • She says that when one of her familiar charges disappear, she calls around looking for them at detox clinics, hospitals or police stations.
    • Even the most successful detox programmes in the world have a success rate of just 25 per cent when it comes to heroin.
    • Waiting lists for methadone programmes, rehab and detox services are phenomenally long.
    • It helps the homeless through five homeless hostels, which provide accommodation, resettlement, rehabilitation and detox programmes.
    • Three or four detox treatments per year - planned with medical guidance - are enough to clean out most anyone's system.
    • Pollution stretches the limits of our internal detox systems, so detoxing becomes a much higher priority.
    • Such services as Indian head massages, detox aromatic massages, reflexology and Reiki are on offer.
    • Yours is never mentioned among the recognized detox programs.
    • His recovery programme goes on to embrace detox, rehab and Buddhist meditation retreats.
    • I feel that I am not really in the spirit of this self-imposed detox fitness program.
    • Treatment history was operationalized as the total number of previous alcohol or drug treatment episodes, excluding detox.