Translation of detoxicate in Spanish:


Pronunciation /diˈtɑksəˌkeɪt/ /diːˈtɒksɪkeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • This type of water is ‘light’ water; it helps diuresis and also detoxicates the body.
    • A body wrap treatment is supposed to detoxicate the body, or maybe help the body shed off a few pounds.
    • Cellectronic micro-currents and the detoxifying lotion cleanse, detoxicate and moisturize the skin.
    • Medicinal plants detoxicate the soil and they acquire their characteristic potency by certain circumstances.
    • Chinese herbal medicine has properties of detoxicating, stops bleeding, and prevents miscarriage.
    • Therefore, taking stachyose can help the liver to detoxicate alcohol and protect the liver from being further damaged.
    • It helps you unwind and get rid of muscle strains and pains, relaxes stiff muscles, detoxicates the whole body.
    • In other words, we eat vegetables and fruits in order to detoxicate poisonous substances.
    • This rich lotion detoxicates injured skin and promotes regeneration of affected areas by inducing tissue replacement.
    • The ability to detoxicate and eliminate potentially harmful substances from the body represents a defence mechanism, the importance of which is well established.
    • If a given volume per unit of time were withdrawn continuously, the liquid to be detoxicated would have an indeterminate salt concentration.
    • The cynide is mainly detoxicated by conversion to thiocynate, in the process of which it reacts with cysteine and cystine.
    • Md. Prat said that more surprisingly, some people are incorrectly informed that alcohol can detoxicate the body of pesticides.
    • Roman sudarium: the sudarium is heated to 40 degrees C and encourages intense, spontaneous perspiration as a natural way to detoxicate the body in general and eliminates various harmful substances.
    • Frequently, a patient with a seemingly complete mental breakdown shows a remarkable transformation after his system has been detoxicated and re-normalized.
    • The body purifies and detoxicates and the immune system is strengthened.
    • This procedure softens, intensely hydrates and detoxicates the skin.
    • It effectively cleans and detoxicates the skin.
    • High dietary fiber content enhances metabolism and detoxicates the body.
    • In addition, Gold Essence detoxicates and purges and in this way rebalances the ‘juices of the body’.