Translation of detract in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dəˈtrækt/ /dɪˈtrakt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to detract from sth
    • As a result, the case is being made that money spent to minimise risk does not detract from shareholder value, but protects it.
    • Choose a design that fits in with the style and scale of your home, otherwise you could detract from its value and end up living in a fortress.
    • There are not many places where you can get into conversation about how to detract from the value of the local housing.
    • The validity and relevance of some of this ancillary material is questionable and this potentially detracts from the value of the work, overall.
    • Stylised fantasy environments can work, but here they feel cheap and persistently detract from the film itself.
    • The low correlation value is therefore explicable and does not detract from the findings.
    • The cups must be free of any defects that would detract from their appearance or affect their performance.
    • Breeders of dogs whose tails are docked for cosmetic purposes say a ban would detract from the visual attraction of certain types.
    • These combine to detract from the beauty of love in its pristine state.
    • Only the garish turquoise silk tie and the glint in his pale blue eyes detract from this picture of geriatric gentlemanliness.
    • This is not to detract from his status as The World's Greatest Actor.
    • His unusual creative process doesn't seem to detract from the final product.
    • But that can't detract from a fine performance by Collins who dug in and fought to the end.
    • This had a subtle blend of flavours so as not to detract from the delicate-tasting prawns which were in plentiful supply.
    • But that should not detract from what was an excellent all-round performance from the home side.
    • Even a couple of wooden performances don't detract from its appeal.
    • Here, the backgrounds are obtrusive and detract from the rest of the action.
    • The weak jokes should not, however, detract from the seriousness of the issue.
    • All of these signs should be accommodated on one post and thus not detract from the beauty of the surroundings.
    • And doing the rounds in one day certainly did not detract from the quality of the gifts.