Translation of devastation in Spanish:


devastación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdɛvəˈsteɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌdɛvəˈsteɪʃn/

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    devastación feminine
    the devastation of war los estragos / la devastación de la guerra
    • Ivor Jones, a Liverpool-born pastor, likened the scenes to the devastation wrought in England by the Blitz.
    • We finally manage to get to the heart of the eerie water delta where the devastation was appalling.
    • He had also protected the only habitat of civilization from the devastation of the destructive angels.
    • The president saw down below what he called devastation.
    • The death toll does not tell the devastation the flood has caused.
    • The scene was gruesome; the devastation was immediately obvious.
    • Hurricane Ike could unleash devastation within only a few hours.
    • We should never forget the devastation caused by the Asian tsunami.
    • The amount of environmental devastation in the country is incredible.
    • Research shows the scale of devastation wrought by recent hurricanes can indeed be traced to global warming.
    • Much of the worst devastation on the Six Rivers corresponds to areas previously ravaged by a ferocious 1995 wind storm.
    • This haunting song was a brilliant musical evocation of the social devastation of the Thatcher years.
    • Reporters touring the camp yesterday encountered widespread devastation.
    • Seismic forces and rushing walls of water adding up to utter devastation.
    • They also, like all Germans, expected to need to work hard to rebuild the country after the devastation of the war.
    • Seventeen years after the nuclear accident, the people of the region are still coming to terms with the devastation.
    • The ashes and the smoke from the devastation drifted through the air throughout the city for days after the tragic event.
    • In this age of ecological devastation, the bottom line in evaluating a technology is whether it is sustainable.
    • Almost a year has passed since one of the worst landslides recorded in Scotland wreaked devastation at Glen Ogle, near Stirling.
    • Something as simple as a short circuit caused all of this devastation.