Translation of development in Spanish:


desarrollo, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈvɛləpmənt/ /dɪˈvɛləpm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(physical, mental)

      desarrollo masculine
      • Eventually, it will initiate development of future processors in the SuperH family itself.
      • Growing leaves are characterized by dynamic gradients of growth processes and functional development.
      • It is about understanding the entire arc of human social development since we emerged as a species.
      • It should be emphasized, however, that such a court-led process of social policy development has its own logic.
      • Unattended, they are easily denatured through the process of social development itself.
      • As part of the cultural and artistic development of Brisbane, there are big arts projects taking place in the state.
      • But it is pretty solid in story development, no artistic posing at all.
      • Musical ability and artistic development, like anything else, are more complicated than that.
      • Those experiences abroad were and are still vital to his artistic development.
      • It had grants to regional councils for social development, development and evaluation expenses and so on.
      • Your strategy identifies business development and investment as critical things you have to be better at.
      • Taiwan underwent rapid social and economic development following the Second World War.
      • The interrupted and fragmented health policy development in turn generates professional confusion.
      • The Arts Council wants to see the development of innovative artistic work, said Ms Russell.
      • It is to further this development that the World Socialist Web Site devotes its efforts.
      • Another tradition, more religiously approved, is the artistic development of calligraphy.
      • It also makes a huge contribution to tourism, to audience development, and artistic excellence.
      • Some of the best ideas for products in development have come from existing chemistry and a bit of lateral thinking.
      • The glass is the result of an intensive development, testing and market research programme by Pilkington.
      • Zionism is the highest stage of imperialism, which is the third stage of the development of capitalism.
      • After caterpillars reach their full development they seek depression in the bark and curl up in a web spun from some secretion which they exude.
      • The reproductive organs only attain full development at puberty, and degenerate and lose all or much of their functional importance as years accumulate.

    • 1.2

      (of argument, idea, plot) desarrollo masculine
      (of situation, events) desarrollo masculine
      (of situation, events) evolución feminine
      • At this juncture, a new development changed the political situation on the island.
      • Only in this way can it intervene in social developments as an independent political force.
      • The issue of monetary union as an accompaniment to the single market was not addressed at this stage of developments.
      • The Greens fear for their political survival in the event of a similar development at the federal level.
      • He needs to offer independent confirmation of these events and developments.
      • We do have a new development now in the situation at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.
      • Indeed, a number of events and developments since the invasion have raised further issues.
      • Rather in keeping with the tenor of the match, one of the most significant developments happened by accident.
      • On the contrary, that medical report is based upon events and developments since July 2001.
      • He added that plans for a visit by Ban would be reconsidered in line with developments in the situation.
      • Participants will also discuss political and economic developments in the Middle East.
      • Whichever way you vote, most of the exciting developments in politics are happening outside the electoral orb.
      • The political and military developments of the past few weeks have weakened both of these supports.
      • This dispute is a regrettable development for a product that has survived many setbacks.
      • It's plainly had a lot of positive developments in producing a more interdependent world.
      • If a crisis develops in Britain it is likely to be the product of domestic developments.
      • Recent developments suggest policymakers are going to face some real tests in the coming year.
      • It has to be said though that the developments at CND do not augur well for a future more unified approach.
      • The Bulgarians do not know what to expect after the latest developments, diplomats said.
      • Of course, each one of these hopeful developments has its own origins and dynamics, distinct from the Iraq war.

  • 2

    • 2.1(of drug, engine)

      creación feminine
      • Perry Rees explains that every race is an important test-bed for new ideas and developments.
      • It is not often that Parliament has to frame legislation apt to apply to developments at the advanced cutting edge of science.
      • It's certainly true that developments in neurosciences can produce huge benefits.
      • Another development is a product launched by Bank of Ireland last week.
      • Are there clear psychological effects produced by developments in technology?
      • This may be partly explained by time lags in market and product developments in Canada.
      • It is a model informed by developments in cognitive psychology and analytic philosophy.
      • Expect more developments in this field as the pressure of pro - surveillance legislation increases.
      • Since then, developments in education can only be described as extraordinary.
      • Both developments will lead to knock-on improvements at the hospital in Dewsbury.
      • Meanwhile, the window cleaning industry is less than impressed with a development which threatens to leave them all washed up.
      • For those of us who consider air travel to be a positive development, this suggests some optimism that the panics haven't won.
      • However, I'm always happy to comment on any major developments in my particular areas of interest.
      • Since the case management conference there has been a major development in this area of law.
      • Farmers have seen little developments in the area of low cost slurry storage in the past number of years.
      • He had no interest in any modern developments in other areas of mathematics.
      • Speed refers to observing and shaping developments in the area of operations.
      • They were also influenced by methodological developments in other areas of scholarship.
      • Padraig lived at a time when their were huge developments in the area of electronics.
      • Sigtronics is pushing ahead with developments in several innovative areas.

    • 2.2(perfecting)

      perfeccionamiento masculine

  • 3

    • 3.1(of land, area)

      urbanización feminine
      the area is ripe for development están dadas las condiciones para urbanizar la zona
      • These green industries can not only create more jobs, but also promote sustainable development of the land.
      • Peace, reconciliation, nation building and sustainable development are what we seek.
      • The theme of Creative Planet is sustainable development and any buildings will reflect this.
      • The Assembly recognises that not all previously developed land is suitable for development.
      • Stott warns it is not the climate we should be looking to change, but policies towards land development and building.
      • There is a clause in the planning law against building development on open land.
      • This will be supported by a further allocation from DFID for the land and site development.
      • The team hopes the study will influence Ottawa as to whether the land is sold for development or preserved in its natural state.
      • It points out that such a corridor development can deal with economic, social and environmental issues.
      • The big job has started at Ougham on the Ballymote Road where a major development of a new housing estate is now underway.
      • Lack of proper transportation system in the region is also a major hurdle in the development of the area.
      • The move comes amid fears of possible housing and industrial development across the area if the Tories drop the plan at the vote tomorrow.
      • The development of the area adds extra interest to the guided Waterfront walking tour.
      • Other future developments in housing were mainly dependent on where the council could get lands.
      • He said he was also in favour of rezoning the lands to allow the developments to take place.
      • Something else I do not understand is why there are so many new developments of unused buildings.
      • In the past Chorley has lost many historical buildings, either to property development, or the growth of car ownership.
      • The biggest threat to their existence is habitat fragmentation caused by development, says Douglas.
      • There are a number of transport corridors and oil pipelines that are in the process of development to serve this function.
      • A city is bound to meet with problems in the process of its development.

    • 3.2(of resources)

      explotación feminine

    • 3.3(fostering)

      fomento masculine
      promoción feminine

  • 4housing development

    complejo habitacional masculine
    fraccionamiento masculine Mexico
    urbanización feminine Spain
  • 5

    • 5.1Economics

      desarrollo masculine

    • 5.2(evolution)

      desarrollo masculine
      evolución feminine

  • 6

    • 6.1(happening, event)

      acontecimiento masculine
      suceso masculine
      we are awaiting further developments estamos a la espera de novedades / de nuevos acontecimientos
      • there have been new developments las cosas han tomado un nuevo rumbo
      • there have been no new developments las cosas siguen como estaban

    • 6.2(advance)

      avance masculine
      conquista feminine

  • 7

    desarrollo masculine