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diablo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛvəl/ /ˈdɛv(ə)l/

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    • 1.1Religión

      diablo masculino
      demonio masculino
      the devil el demonio
      • Did you find it any easier to avoid the Devil, to avoid evil when you were a monk?
      • Hinduism is the only religion, whose God does not have any enemy, like the Devil or the Satan.
      • If a person believes themselves to be possessed by the Christian Devil, perform a Catholic exorcism.
      • The bible says today is the day of salvation, the Devil always says tomorrow.
      • The majority is educated through movies and entertainment and recognizes that the pentacle is a sign of the Devil.
      • A silly one, unless they sniff glue and worship the Devil, and we wouldn't put it past them.
      • After all, if it rises from the grave to murder innocent Christians, it has to be from the Devil, right?
      • In an arm-wrestling match between God and the Devil, you're not quite sure who he'd be rooting for.
      • For a Harry fans, this is like a one-to-one tussle between God and the Devil himself.
      • Many refer to the Devil, or rely on descriptions of satanic cults as symbols of evil and death.
      • Right now, I feel as if I were in the middle of a fight between God and the Devil.
      • The problem is that more people now believe in the existence of God than the existence of the Devil.
      • Once God is absent, the Devil starts making his own plans with help of human agents.
      • Terrorism may have replaced the Devil as the bogeyman, but the same principle applies.
      • As if to deceive the Devil himself, this humblest of men turns out to be the Son of God.
      • The Church would torture and kill because the Devil roamed the Earth, and possessed the unfaithful.
      • It may be a bargain with the Devil, but it is a bargain that may be worthwhile in many cases.
      • Listen to him for a day and you would think the Devil was here walking in our midst in the form of Liberals and the Left.
      • Trams rattle by on the sunny street below, oblivious to our discussion of the world, the flesh and the Devil.

    • 1.2(evil spirit)

      demonio masculino
      • The whole devil/evil spirit/demons/possession thing fascinates me, it always has.
      • The devils and evil spirits of the next day were perhaps more psychosomatic and drawn from the excesses of the night before than derived from a Celtic past.
      • The Bedouin traditionally hang amulets on the body of adults to prevent the evil eye, devils, impure spirits and other illnesses from attacking the bearer of the amulet.
      • Some perceive them as demons, devils and harbingers of evil.
      • We are taught about angels, witches, devils, spirits, monsters, gods, etc. virtually in the cradle.
      • So far as I know, even demons and devils have souls (though evil ones).
      • In comes an angel or a devil or a spirit or an ancestor or whatever who gives him a ‘glimpse’ of what life could be like or should be like depending on how you look at it.
      • Ignore her as she is being borne away by these devils, these demons, these evil creatures with the intention of - what?
      • Characters often include such villains as devils, infidels, demons, Turks, and sometimes Englishmen, and the action emphasizes the struggle between good and evil.
      • In science fiction there can be no inexplicable marvels, no transcendences, no devils or demons.
      • For there - so it is said - her idol sometimes comes to life and in physical form takes action to protect her devotees against devils and demons.
      • We need to know that it is, precisely, human beings who do these things in certain circumstances, not monsters (except in the moral sense) or demons or devils.
      • Far from being a discouraging picture of evil, cinematic devils are cool, calculating and one step ahead of the mere mortals whose souls they seek to add to their collections.
      • The Holy Fools were tasked to protect Tripitaka on his journey, and protect him they did, from all manner of demons and devils.
      • He knew the cant of demons and devils alongside being streetwise and arrogant.
      • It can also take the form of an exorcism, where the treatment is meant to drive out an evil spirit or devil from the victim.
      • There was a lot more of people's souls being stolen and demons and devils.
      • And in the modern day, there's an equation relating UFOs and abduction experience to devils and demons as well.
      • The Bible is almost silent about devils in the Old Testament.
      • I dressed up as a Vampire and my brother Wayne as a Devil with my sister Amy as a Witch.

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    • 2.1(person, animal)

      you little devil! ¡eres un diablillo!
      • they've been absolute devils this morning se han portado como diablos esta mañana
      • he's a devil for chocolates lo enloquecen los bombones
      • poor devil! ¡pobre diablo!
      • he's won again, the lucky devil ha vuelto a ganar ¡qué potra tiene!

    • 2.2(troublesome thing)

      the lock is a real devil la cerradura es maldita coloquial
      • that concerto is the very devil to play ese concierto es endemoniadamente difícil de tocar

verbo transitivo deviling, deviled, devilling, devilled

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    hacer con picante y especias
    • deviled eggs
  • 2EEUU

    (harass, worry)
    • As I searched the mass of people below me for Josef's gipsy curls & defiant red scarf, the Reverend's words deviled my ears despite the barrier of the window-glass.
    • People will devil their own children, spouses, parents, co-workers and neighbors.