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Pronunciación /ˌdiˈeɪtʃ/ /diːˈeɪtʃ/


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    • I came home to a lovely meal provided by my DH.
    • This is the debut offering of my very own DH's blog!
    • DH doesn't smoke, never has and never will and all good luck to him.
    • As I was sitting at an outdoor table enjoying my coffee and catching up on the week with DH, my cell phone rang.
    • DH and I both have super sensitive skin, so we are sure the baby will too!
    • After eating at a very nice, expensive chain restaurant the other night, both DH and I came down with a very yucky, yet mild case of food poisoning.
    • My DH and I have been fighting over this question for years: should we get a real Christmas tree or settle for a fake one?
    • I had to get a new phone and the first phone DH chose for me (yes, I let him pick because at first I didn't really care what kind of phone I got) was the Verizon Voyager.
    • I was considering going running but since DH got home so late last night, I didn't want to run out first thing in the morning.
    • Said DH has always had this habit of closing my drawers if they are open - he reckons he will walk into them if they are open.
    • Unfortunately for ya'll my camera is not wanting to give up all the pictures I have taken this week, but never fear, my DH will fix it tonight or tomorrow.
    • Out for date night with DH tonight - all I know is that it's both cheap and a surprise.
    • Sorry, my laptop overheated and shut down so while it was cooling I made DH dinner.
    • Thanks for the tip on the movie - DH and I were thinking of watching it.
    • DH did grocery run tonight so I'm happy.
    • DH is painting my kitchen today - woot!
    • DH is out Christmas shopping for our cousins' kids and such ... I can't wait to see what he actually gets them.
    • I'm very stressed with dh's job situation, but know it will all work out.
    • DH is home sick so my routine is out the window.
    • My DH has just announced that one of his best mates is having his stag do in Thailand for a week later this year and he will be going.