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diagnóstico, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdaɪəɡˈnoʊsəs/ /ˌdʌɪəɡˈnəʊsɪs/

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nombreplural diagnoses

  • 1

    (opinion, conclusion)
    diagnóstico masculino
    to make/give a diagnosis hacer/dar un diagnóstico
    • Many researchers have reported discrepancies between MRI diagnoses and diagnoses made during arthroscopic examination.
    • The technique could eventually provide the basis for computerized medical diagnoses performed in the physician's office, they add.
    • There an assessment nurse diagnosed an acute attack of rheumatoid arthritis and confirmed the diagnoses with blood tests for rheumatoid factor and ESR levels.
    • More people than ever in Britain are surviving cancer thanks largely to changes in lifestyle, screening services, earlier diagnoses, and prompt treatments, the latest figures have shown.
    • Isotope bone scan or MRI should be performed to make an early, definitive diagnosis.
    • Each patient also demonstrated significant bronchodilator responsiveness, and two patients received an initial diagnosis of asthma.
    • The symptoms of heart failure can mimic those of many other conditions, sometimes making accurate diagnosis difficult.
    • Where possible, we confirmed the prenatal diagnosis by checking the results of chromosome analysis performed after delivery.
    • Over one half of the pregnancies occurred within two years of initial breast cancer diagnosis.
    • To establish the correct diagnosis may involve a combination of conventional and complementary techniques.
    • In fact, heart failure is the most common hospital discharge diagnosis for patients over 65 years.
    • Immunohistochemistry revealed the epithelial nature of the cells and excluded a diagnosis of lymphoma.
    • The reliability of medical staff involved in the diagnosis of pneumonia was not investigated.
    • Accurate and timely diagnosis of acute appendicitis is essential to minimize morbidity.
    • Early in the nineteenth century, diagnosis depended on a patient's recitation of symptoms.
    • The average physician requires an hour to make the initial ADHD diagnosis.
    • Obviously, identification of the primary site is helpful in establishing the correct diagnosis.
    • Specimens collected during invasive speculum examination have long been necessary for the conventional laboratory diagnosis of vaginal discharge diseases.
    • For this reason, criteria have been established for the diagnosis of certain disorders.
    • Preparing a diagnosis on the basis of such uncertain data is clearly nonsense.
  • 2

    (art, process)
    diagnosis femenino