Translation of diagonally in Spanish:


diagonalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌdaɪˈæɡənli/ /dʌɪˈaɡ(ə)nəli/ /dʌɪˈaɡən(ə)li/


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    en diagonal
    • It starts in the upper right corner of a page and runs diagonally to the lower left.
    • Split all four corners of each square by cutting diagonally from the tip of the corner to about halfway towards the centre.
    • She turned around and smiled at Keith who was, as usual, seated diagonally behind her.
    • He sped along Bellhouse Road and crossed a mini roundabout diagonally, to the alarm of many pedestrians and motorists.
    • When I started staying in hotels I assumed that diagonally sliced toast was some kind of catering affectation.