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diagrama, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdaɪəˌɡræm/ /ˈdʌɪəɡram/

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    diagrama masculine
    esquema masculine
    gráfico masculine
    gráfica feminine
    to draw a diagram hacer un diagrama (or un gráfico etc.)
    • They are packed with detail but it doesn't seem overwhelming because the pages are broken up with masses of superb colour photographs, maps, street-by-street diagrams and drawings.
    • Apart from the run-of-the-mill stuff like e-mail and word processing, he is teaching himself to use the computer to draw schematic diagrams.
    • The data are summarized in the schematic diagram below.
    • The text also includes many diagrams of molecular structures and points out the relevance and importance of the chemical structure to the pharmacological action.
    • This diagram shows the complex structure of Saturn's magnetosphere.
    • A diagram of the hillside structure is shown on Page 82.
    • Schematic diagrams of the probe and of the entire spectroscopy system are shown in Fig.1.
    • The first weeks of the course deal with electronic principles, electrical-current theory, and the skills needed to interpret equipment diagrams and schematics.
    • The system can be used to display schematic diagrams of the aircraft's principal sub-systems.
    • On the second point, I think the member has heard the explanation many times before: a graph or a diagram appeared in a document that was not authorised by the Prime Minister or me.
    • Fig.14 shows schematic diagrams representing this type of situation.
    • A summary flow diagram of patients enrolled in the study is depicted in Figure 1.
    • Follow the manufacturer's wiring diagram to make the connection to your power supply.
    • In the following paragraphs I will use four simple diagrams to present the argument.
    • For every birdhouse, you'll find a photo, an exploded diagram of all sides, and simple instructions.
    • Line drawings and diagrams in the text figures are typically well designed and informative.
    • The text is well illustrated with excellent diagrams, sketches and figures.
    • The dissertation is well organized with many fascinating diagrams, charts and figures.
    • The book is profusely illustrated, with diagrams showing clearly the techniques described.
    • The diagrams illustrating the normal histology of the spleen are comprehensible and significantly clarify a fairly complicated system.

transitive verb diagramming, diagrammed, diagramed, diagraming

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    hacer un diagrama de