Translation of dictatorship in Spanish:


dictadura, n.

Pronunciation /dɪkˈteɪdərˌʃɪp/ /ˈdɪkteɪdərˌʃɪp/ /dɪkˈteɪtəʃɪp/

Definition of dictadura in Spanish


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    dictadura feminine
    the dictatorship of the proletariat la dictadura del proletariado
    • Socialists defend the institutions of parliamentary democracy against dictatorship or fascism.
    • This is not democracy, it is dictatorship, and it is borderline fascism.
    • When I was growing up, I was taught that communism leads to dictatorship and capitalism leads inevitably to democracy.
    • The mayhem of World War II was followed by more than 40 years of Communist dictatorship in Central and Eastern Europe.
    • It failed, the monarchy resorted to military dictatorship, and the Democratic leaders were driven into exile.
    • I remember replying that this was a quite hopeless analysis, absolutely disastrous to the left since it bound them to a state capitalist dictatorship.
    • One of the key indicators of a society that is transforming from democracy to fascism or dictatorship is government control of the press.
    • Over the past two decades, Taiwan has moved from dictatorship to democracy.
    • To ask dictatorship to be democratic is utopian.
    • Mallorca and the rest of Spain were going through the political transition from dictatorship to democracy.
    • The result of their gamble was military dictatorship and fascism throughout Europe.
    • It is an advance on dictatorship or autocracy and has had to be fought for and won.
    • Nothing ever halted his rickshaw, he declared with pride, whether colonialism, occupation, dictatorship or democracy.
    • Religious dominance of politics will only push democracy into anarchy and dictatorship.
    • Today we define despotism (along with dictatorship and totalitarianism) as a form of government.
    • Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, and Dachau became synonyms for the inhuman dictatorship of National Socialism.
    • The word dictatorship conjures up an image of repression, especially for anyone who has suffered under a right wing dictatorship or in a Stalinist state.
    • The Portuguese fascist dictatorship was overthrown by the people, allied to sections of the army, in 1974.
    • The bombings draw attention to the brutal military dictatorship.
    • In 1993, the government changed from a communist dictatorship to a democracy with a free-market economy.