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diccionario, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪkʃəˌnɛri/ /ˈdɪkʃ(ə)n(ə)ri/

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nombreplural dictionaries

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    diccionario masculino
    • Apart from in books and dictionaries it was a word that was hardly heard.
    • Mark Twain claimed never to have coined a word as far as he knew, though historical dictionaries list him as the first user of many.
    • The latest dictionary contains new words and phrases that sum up life in the UK today.
    • Often he would search for minutes in his Arabic-English dictionary for the exact word he wanted.
    • We had to get up at one point and look up a word in the dictionary because he didn't believe me that it existed.
    • On the surface, both are among the simplest of words in the French dictionary.
    • There is not a word in the English dictionary to really describe this pre-meditated act of evil and wickedness.
    • We're calling the film Incubus because we looked the word up in the dictionary and thought it sounded enigmatic.
    • The problem is that my French vocabulary is so poor that I end up having to look up every other word in a dictionary so it takes ages.
    • I can remember my schoolteacher telling me to look a word up in the dictionary.
    • Group 1 selected equivalents for a test item on a multiple-choice test by using only the monolingual English dictionary.
    • And can we take a moment to thank all our readers who sent in English slang dictionaries?
    • Seventy years ago, the Philological Society had resolved to publish a completely new English dictionary.
    • She also started compiling a dictionary of youth slang first used by the transvestite community.
    • Taberah was reading the bilingual dictionary with rapt concentration.
    • The software uses a standard dictionary, designed by Kiran, to accomplish the task.
    • Later reference to a dictionary illuminated the answer, but by that stage all had been revealed.
    • ‘Personhood’ is not found in many dictionaries or reference works.
    • Questions as to the meaning of words in documents can rarely, if ever, be determined conclusively by reference to dictionaries.
    • I keep turning to the dictionary and the thesaurus, not for a reference, simply to read words at random.