Traducción de diesel en español:


diesel, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdizəl/ /ˈdisəl/ /ˈdiːz(ə)l/


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    diesel masculino
    gasolero masculino Río de la Plata
    (car) coche diesel masculino
    (truck) camión diesel masculino
    • With the amount of misinformation out there on diesel and turbo charging diesels we feel obliged to inform you of the facts.
    • In the engine chamber of diesels, the pistons are rigged to create a high amount of pressure.
    • The greater the compression of a diesel engine, the greater its power.
    • Now all you hear is the high pitched whine of the diesel engine in high compression.
    • Or maybe it will be alternative-powered vehicles such as hybrids, fuel cells or diesels.
    • If the fuel companies are to be believed, we also like to make sure we put the best fuel into our diesels.
    • The range of the tank was increased by the installation of a diesel engine and additional fuel tanks.
    • At the end of the building, two large chiller units are stood, each with a diesel engine driving the compressor that keeps it cool.
    • Later, tiny gas-mechanical and even battery locomotives came along then diesels.
    • Steam locomotives gave way to diesels, and cabooses were replaced by little boxes.
    • This is because overheating can damage any engine and diesels are particularly susceptible.
    • On some diesels, fuel feed lines carry pressurized fuel up to the injectors.
    • Because they consume less fuel for a given amount of work, diesels emit less carbon dioxide.
    • Unusually, this coupe body is also available with a turbo diesel engine.
    • The inventor of the diesel engine expected it to be fuelled by vegetable oils, hemp being the most suitable.
    • Much of this relates to the fuel delivery system, the previous Achilles heel of the diesel engine.
    • The five cylinder turbocharged diesel engine is extremely noisy at all times.
    • Generally there is no point with diesels as the power dies long before 4,000 rpm is on the clock.
    • It was difficult to hear over the revving of the massive diesel engine.
    • Some give and take will be necessary between manufacturers and regulators for diesels to be viable.
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    diesel masculino
    gasóleo masculino
    gas-oil masculino
    ACPM masculino Colombia
    • Today, most forms of transportation depend on the combustion of a hydrocarbon fuel such as gasoline, kerosene, or diesel oil to produce the energy that drives pistons and moves the vehicles on which modern society depends.
    • We don't need to have gasoline as a fuel, or diesel oil as a fuel.
    • Kerosene and diesel oil contribute the most to petroleum subsidy.
    • They would use renewable energy sources such as natural gas, diesel oil, bio-fuel and hydrogen to generate electricity with a steam turbine and any heat generated would be used to heat water.
    • Organizations ranging from a coffee company in the northwest to school districts on the east coast are chucking their diesel oil for biodiesel.
    • How many barrels of diesel oil can you produce to keep it all running?
    • Although catalytic cracking allows some of these compounds to be used in gasoline, the majority is used as furnace oil, diesel oil, and as industrial fuels.
    • The trawler that sank off the East Coast of the Chatham Islands contained more than 100 tonnes of diesel oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oils - a potential disaster for the 80 percent of locals who rely on the fishing industry in the area.
    • For example, coal, diesel oil and natural gas-fired thermoelectric plants will supply about two-thirds of the 3,200 megawatts of new electric power which was put out to bidders by the Brazilian government last December.
    • The vessel was thought to be carrying heavy equipment, including bulldozers, cement and other construction materials, as well as 40 tons of diesel oil, when it capsized.
    • The price of premium gasoline - the fuel used by private car owners and thus the well-off - should be increased the most, followed by industrial diesel oil.
    • The fishermen were covered in diesel oil, but otherwise unhurt.
    • Hundreds of gallons of diesel oil spilt into Kenmare harbour at the weekend posing a serious threat to the local environment.
    • The last budget imposed a five cent increase in the tax on a litre of petrol and diesel.
    • The day has come now when a litre of petrol or diesel costs as must as a gallon did a few years ago.
    • Biodiesel is an alternative to petroleum diesel and can be used to power cars, trucks, and buses.
    • The price of petrol, diesel and kerosene has gone up four times since February.
    • Higher oil prices have added to the cost of petrol, diesel, kerosene and gas as well as transport.
    • The engine and generator are missing but when they are replaced they will use diesel and not petrol as fuel.
    • A new deli counter is the main feature, also on sale are all grocery items, plus diesel and petrol.


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    (invariable adjective) diesel