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diferir, v.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪfər/ /ˈdɪfə/

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verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(be at variance)

      how do they differ? ¿en qué difieren?
      • Comparisons are difficult, since circumstances differed from place to place and from one decade to another.
      • I still remember the taste of those eggs, which differed from normal ones I had every morning.
      • All have obvious, if widely differing, talents but so far none has managed to capitalise upon them.
      • Forms of social community and their changes over time differed widely in China and the West.
      • It's hard to generalise about plot prices, as they will differ widely by size and location.
      • It sounds kind of reductionist to sum people up by their musical tastes and how they differ from yours.
      • Non-rhotic pronunciation differs widely in its prestige, depending on where it occurs.
      • The treatment of Non Hodgkin lymphoma differs widely, depending on the kind of lymphoma you have.
      • The four species in the present study had wings that differed widely in shape.
      • Though eating patterns have differed widely by region and culture, some broad historical patterns can be outlined.
      • The activities of ripening-related enzymes also differ widely between species.
      • They are dotted across the spectrum, and differ widely from area to area.
      • Compensation was reduced to recover benefits already paid, but the amount deducted differed from benefit to benefit.
      • And yet there are plenty of examples of ways this war differed from any other previously fought.
      • Their tactics were not standard, but differed from valley to valley and tribe to tribe.
      • The parameter was identical within each tree, but it differed from one tree to another.
      • Then, too, he makes allowances for customs that differed from one manor to the next.
      • In each case he shows how they were similar to or differed from their non-Jewish peers.
      • The predator community found in our study differed from that found in North Dakota.
      • The new state brought together groups that differed from each other in many respects.

    • 1.2(be unlike)

      ser distinto
      ser diferente
      to differ from sb/sth diferenciarse / diferir de algn/algo

      • she differs from me in that she enjoys traveling

  • 2

    diferir formal
    to differ with sb discrepar de algn
    • He said however that he differed on the subject of war and would set out his point of view accordingly.
    • Do the majority and dissenting opinions differ about how to characterize them?
    • The most common wrangles are on a founder leader differing with others who troop out to form new churches.
    • Now I don't mind anyone leaving a comment, after all people have differing opinions on any subject.
    • I personally would argue strongly for the right of anyone to differ with me.
    • Decision making about futility and techniques of withdrawal is difficult and subject to differing opinion.
    • As with any group there may be differing points of view on subjects brought to the list.
    • On this, it seems clear that the classical economists differed from their critics.
    • To the extent that this interpretation differed from that of the Inspector, the point needed no further explanation.
    • Many times this Court's views have differed from those of the House of Lords.
    • Among his rivals on tour, there are differing opinions on his victory.
    • Verdi scholars hold differing opinions as to when he actually espoused the nationalist cause.
    • The two traditions draw on differing interpretations of the American ‘national interest’.
    • We collected voices that offer shifting images and differing interpretations of the same landscape.
    • Another problem is differing interpretations of what it means to use a client-side certificate.
    • Their power lies in signifying recognition of the other person's problem or differing viewpoint.
    • Did people with differing viewpoints get a fair chance to speak, in your opinion?
    • Conservatives differ in terms of which of these approaches we think is the best.
    • No doubt differing cultural perspectives played an important role in the schism of 1927.
    • The theme reflects an attempt to find common cause between differing perspectives on environmental issues.