Translation of different in Spanish:


distinto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪf(ə)rənt/ /ˈdɪf(ə)r(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (not the same)
    different from sth/sb distinto / diferente de / a algo/algn
    different to sth/sb distinto / diferente de / a algo/algn
    different than sth/sb distinto / diferente de / a algo/algn
    they are quite different son muy distintos / diferentes
    • she's been a different person since the operation es otra desde que la operaron
    • It's very different from here, and high on the list of reasons why I need to move to a big city soon.
    • Needless to say, my idea of a perfect holiday might be different from that of other people.
    • Women are different from men, but it is time to say farewell to the politics of difference.
    • A carrot grown in one place is going to be different from one grown somewhere else.
    • For all these reasons we have a business cycle that is quite different from the rest of Europe.
    • It's different from acute medicine in that you do get to know families very well indeed.
    • As the only European to do so he was different from the rest but in other ways he was just the same in that he had a story to tell.
    • For me it's not that different from producing a painting or performing a piece of music.
    • This is very different from the way in which domestic machines were received in the past.
    • Will there come a time when the pain will be less or even different from what it is now?
    • The story was a bit different from the traditional tale but it was still cracking!
    • I was an academic and working all the time and that made me different from everyone else.
    • This is quite different from Europe, where eating on the slopes will cost you an arm and a leg.
    • Huge sums have been won and lost between them and this day would be no different from all the others.
    • The new improved model works in a rather different way from the original version.
    • A good comic book gets into your brain in a manner quite different to a novel or movie.
    • Competitors who take to the hills to rally originate from many different walks of life.
    • He says that life in Bolton is not too different to that in Austria, except for the weather.
    • We had to employ a fresh set of eyes before we set about using a different method to enhance what we had found.
    • When you move away you do feel different as a person because it is a fresh start.
  • 2

    how do you like it? — well, it's different, I suppose ¿qué te parece? — pues … , es original ¿no?
    • It is the only element in retail in Bury that makes our town different, even unique.
    • Of course, the company has always prided itself on being that little bit different.
    • ‘It's never too late to try something different,’ she said before yesterday's commencement ceremony.
    • The food was very different and smelled wonderful.
    • It was really good, and interesting because the style of food was very different.