Translation of differently in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪf(ə)rəntli/ /ˈdɪf(ə)r(ə)ntli/


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    they think differently no piensan igual / del mismo modo
    • I view things differently yo veo las cosas de otra forma / otro modo
    • They behave differently than their guilt-ridden parents.
    • Why should Hull residents be treated differently from the rest of the country?
    • I think that different employment arrangements enable differently skilled people to be employed.
    • Children will respond differently depending on their learning characteristics.
    • Differently priced plans appeal to a wide variety of income levels.
    • Our colors are the same, although they are differently combined on our flags.
    • Jonas considers these installations new, although they are made from elements of previous performances, differently assembled.
    • And what might you do differently following the introduction of the legislation?
    • Orchestration was in each case differently managed.
    • She believes that the possibility of living differently necessitates rethinking and redoing the work of gender.
    • Their sliding-block puzzles often featured differently shaped pieces in rectangular trays.
    • Inside the ellipse is the raised circular platform of the altar and rows of differently curved pews.
    • Not all Internet users are so experienced that they recognize differently coloured links as well.
    • The result is a simple pattern of differently textured boxes that gives the project a rhythm missing from most assembly-line housing.
    • Looking at 159 differently sized breeds of dog en masse can be a little off-putting, especially considering their common source is the wolf.