Traducción de dignitary en español:


dignatario, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪɡnəˌtɛri/ /ˈdɪɡnɪt(ə)ri/

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nombreplural dignataries

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    dignatario masculino
    dignataria femenino
    • As with Tours in the past, it is hoped to have a number of local dignitaries present to start off this year's event.
    • Councillors and local dignitaries invited to the opening were equally enthused by the new centre.
    • These words were spoken by important dignitaries and by ordinary men and women.
    • Among them were business leaders and civic dignitaries who helped raise £20,000.
    • He has stood by her when she met political leaders and foreign dignitaries.
    • More than 50 of the district's leading business people and dignitaries are on the guest list.
    • Helen looks slightly concerned and is relieved when a local dignitary merely congratulates her on her name day without a hint of expectation.
    • The association asked local dignitaries to discover what life was like for a blind person by spending some time blindfolded.
    • Last Friday the firm's staff, local mayors and deputy mayors and other dignitaries were invited to the official launch.
    • Tanks from the Irish Army along with approximately 6,000 Irish troops in one of the biggest security operations ever mounted for a visiting dignitary.
    • One of our guys rolled his oversize truck on a residential street in front of a visiting dignitary.
    • A local dignitary ushered off the last musical act and wished us a safe journey home.
    • They banned the public from attending the funeral, which was restricted to local and visiting dignitaries and family.
    • As usual the government is keeping local dignitaries in the dark.
    • The day dawned bright and sunny and the event was well attended by family, friends, local dignitaries and sponsors.
    • It will require the tightest of security, including armed police guards to protect the visiting dignitaries.
    • Locals and dignitaries mixed during a night of great music, free drink and an amazing atmosphere.
    • After it was bought by the council, Glasgow dignitaries held parties in the castle while the crowds packed into the tearoom.
    • Intelligence experts have also observed the construction of a grandstand for dignitaries invited to watch such a test.
    • People are still held accountable for their actions, be it the simple breaking of a window, or the murder of a foreign dignitary, people cannot argue fate made them do it.