Translation of dilemma in Spanish:


dilema, n.

Pronunciation /dɪˈlɛmə/ /daɪˈlɛmə/ /dʌɪˈlɛmə/

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    dilema masculine
    to place sb/to be in a dilemma poner a algn/estar en un dilema
    • I'm in a dilemma as to whether to go or not estoy en un dilema, no sé si ir o no
    • He both convenes community and shatters its calcifications, creating the space for oracular truths to emerge while posing equally provocative dilemmas.
    • In reality, the objective of the article was to illustrate the dilemmas and choices which have to be made by Highways Authorities.
    • The dilemma of a choice between chaos and injustice is perhaps very real.
    • He wasn't good with dilemmas, choices usually involved thinking and thinking wasn't his strong point.
    • Pretending that we do not need to discuss such questions will not make the dilemmas and hard choices that are looming for Australia go away.
    • This book reveals the choices and dilemmas that confront elite public research universities.
    • There are all of these moral dilemmas and choices that they're responsible for.
    • How are your character's dilemmas, the various choices he faces, resolved?
    • He was given two tough choices, a dilemma that he didn't wish to have.
    • His dilemma rests in the choice between telling a lie and losing his chance to marry the woman he loves.
    • All the problems that humans encounter sets up a powerful dilemma: the choice between life and death.
    • Ultimately, as is the case in almost all ethical dilemmas in medicine, a series of practical considerations will move me further in one direction than another.
    • Ethical dilemmas, by definition, are difficult to handle because no decision is without its costs: whatever the outcome, someone is going to be upset.
    • There are ethical dilemmas about whether it is right to amass personal collections of material inaccessible to more detailed research, or to sell such collections on the open market.
    • The dilemma, like all ethical dilemmas, arose by virtue of a conflict between values.
    • The problem with these false dilemmas is that we are undersold - we think we must be either/or.
    • It's the ultimate dilemma for the indecisive: two women, attractive, intelligent, devoted.
    • That he chose to open up about the dilemma between security and normality indicates rough times ahead.
    • They might finally confront the central dilemma of inadequate global demand versus the permanent overabundance of supply.
    • A similar dilemma arises for those who condemn termination in any circumstances but support the death penalty.