Traducción de dilly-dally en español:


perder el tiempo, v.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪliˌdæli/ /ˈdɪlɪdali/

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verbo intransitivo dilly-dallies, dilly-dallying, dilly-dallied

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    perder el tiempo
    he dilly-dallied over his work for hours estuvo horas perdiendo el tiempo sin hacer nada de trabajo
    • don't dilly-dally on the way no te entretengas
    • It's never too early to start loitering, and dilly-dallying.
    • Don't four-year-olds often dilly-dally, stall, and do just about everything slowly?
    • While they're dilly-dallying, my house is falling apart.
    • I'm not going to be dilly-dallying around and dancing around the issues.
    • This generosity for themselves comes from a congress that continues to dilly-dally over a proposal to raise the minimum wage by a pathetic dollar-an-hour - phased in over the next three years.
    • Apparently she told the passengers that when they had deplaned and cleared customs, they were to make their way straight home, and not to dilly-dally anywhere, as there was a large amount of civil disturbance going on downtown!
    • When she emerged - and she never took long, for she wasn't one to dilly-dally - I would step into the hall so that she would see me there waiting and wouldn't be frightened.
    • I used to be a fundraiser, and I found that it is best not to dilly-dally too long, but to go ahead and get to ‘the ask’.
    • It's just as important not to dilly-dally while you get it down, too.
    • They cannot dilly-dally with the issue as the deadline has been set.
    • His attitude has been to dilly-dally and turn down proposals on firms on trivial grounds.
    • While the Minister for Health dilly-dallies, patients lives are at risk and staff are continuing to work in completely unacceptable and intolerable conditions.
    • He's seen out the season and he hasn't dilly-dallied.
    • We're leaving early tomorrow, and I'm not going to be dilly-dallying.
    • Girls, time for class, stop dilly-dallying.
    • Oh, do tell me you've not wasted my father's money by spending all of your days dilly-dallying with poetry, rather than studying!
    • Well, I hope he doesn't dilly-dally too much longer.
    • We were thankful for the time bought for us to dilly-dally.
    • How should we deal with judges who sleep on the bench, dilly-dally over judgments or commit crimes?
    • In fact, had they not dilly-dallied, the book would have been out much sooner.
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    I wish he'd stop dilly-dallying! ¡ojalá tomara una decisión de una vez por todas!