Translation of dime store in Spanish:

dime store

baratillo, n.


  • 1

    tienda que vende artículos de bajo precio
    baratillo masculine
    • She seems to accept the seductive power of merchandise, whether it is for sale at the dime store or installed in galleries and museums.
    • It is an American success story and it has grown from a humble dime store into the world's biggest retail chain, leaving other shopping icons far behind and that success has sparked controversy.
    • The chain, they decided, would exude the mild pretension of a low-end department store rather than the folksiness of a high-end dime store.
    • He took over a dime store in Woolaston, MA in 1925, and started selling his own brand of ice cream.
    • He began with a single dime store in 1945 and did not open his second store for seven years.
    • I've surreptitiously yanked my dime store reading glasses out of my purse for the last time and decided to buy a ‘real’ pair of glasses.
    • In 1950, he and a third-year medical student fashioned a crude heart pump out of such materials as glass tubing, valves bought at a dime store, and a motor from a child's Erector set.
    • Inside, there are trinkets done up to look ancient, but were most likely purchased on a moment's notice at a nearby dime store.
    • But instead of concentrating on one of those cosmopolitan cavalcades of carnality, this is really a supernatural voodoo knockoff, with a perverted stalker using a magic ring and a dime store doll as his implements of evil.
    • As he watched her at the wheel, he ‘saw that there was more to pottery making than just making pots and selling 'em in some kind of dime store.’
    • All I took were three yellow pads and some pens I could have bought for $2 at any dime store.
    • Speaking of the good old days, what ever happened to those old radio shows you used to find on tape at every dime store?
    • In the competition for excess, it is also necessary for a candidate's handlers to denude every dime store within a hundred miles of its stock of red, white and blue balloons.
    • With items found in local junk shops and dime stores - cheap reproductions, maps, toys, marbles, springs, feathers, sequins - he created boxes filled with fantasy and longing.
    • The charm of Utah lies in its vast wilderness, the friendliness of its people (you could easily find yourself falling for a Utahan), and the quirkiness of its small-town diners and dime stores.
    • It consists of 144 carefully documented photographs of tenements and dime stores in the Harlem slums - all owned by one man and all similarly neglected and exploited.
    • The American merchant and founder of the first dime-store (in Pennsylvania), died.