Translation of dimension in Spanish:


dimensión, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈmɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n/ /daɪˈmɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n/ /dɪˈmɛnʃ(ə)n/ /dʌɪˈmɛnʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    Mathematics Physics
    dimensión feminine
    • Explicit formulas in terms of dimensions of the figures can be deduced from these theorems.
    • Outlines may be captured as rectangular coordinates or Fourier coefficients and, even when non-fractal, analysed in terms of fractal dimensions.
    • Divide as above and voila, you have your fractal dimension.
    • The dim, candlelit interior contrives to make them shift in dimension and depth; new nooks appear wherever you look, some of them illusions created by subtle mirrors.
    • Entries will be strictly limited to a maximum of 600 mm in their greatest dimension i.e. length, breadth or height.
    • As the final dimensions measure a mere 1.2 x 0.7 x 0.2 metres, two of these cases could be transported easily in the back of a car.
    • Fundamentally, we can determine the CTE of a material by measuring the change in dimension and the accompanying change in temperature.
    • Cubic measurements take all three dimensions into consideration - width, length and height.
    • We took the maximum height dimension from the bottom of the car rather than the top surface of the sidepod so we gave everybody the same chance.
    • It cited each bag's maximum dimensions and specified the weight of each suitcase could not exceed 70 pounds.
    • Our cell ran about six feet in all dimensions, width, length, and height.
    • To correct for this error, an adjustment factor was made based upon an analysis of a series of measurements of air volume in samples of different dimensions.
    • By measuring the proportional dimensions of the metacarpal, investigators can sometimes determine the gender of the owner.
    • These pictures were extravagant in size, being four foot by four foot in dimension.
    • Adjust the machine for your height and body dimensions to ensure that you're pushing through a comfortable yet strong angle.
    • Yes, and Alison's is so rough and so large in dimension, the Luba art so small and finely wrought.
    • No formal size standard exists for women's apparel; a size 6 in one store may have completely different dimensions from a size 6 in another.
    • Use a string to outline the bed's footprint, then measure and record its dimensions, including the wall's proposed height.
    • Until 1893, when the forerunner of the Badminton Association of England was formed, there were no laws governing the size of court dimensions, numbers of players or scoring.
    • The microstructure data show that detergent and temperature can be used to fine-tune the lattice dimensions of the different phases accessed.
    • I measured the focal snails' final shell dimensions and dissected them to determine their sex and prevalence of parasitic infection.
    • Organ size can be determined by absolute dimensions rather than cell number or size.
    • It emerged that each has somehow come up with different dimensions for the same size, with no two agreeing on what constitutes a 10, 12 or 14.
    • String theory holds that different modes of vibration reveal themselves in our measly four dimensions of space and time as different particles and forces.
    • This analogy has a problem, however, in that one tends to be aware that the two-dimensional surface is embedded in the three dimensions of our ordinary space.
    • You score points by assessing the position of your knights on the castles, multiplying a knight's vertical position by the spatial dimensions of the structure.
    • These structures in the case of water are in four dimensions (three of space and one of time).
    • In this case the gutter-like structure survives a projection onto just two dimensions of folding space.
    • They wanted exciting space combat in three dimensions against enemy craft that exhibited some degree of tactical guile.
    • However, to a being of three dimensions of space and one of time, it appears as an infinite void.
    • The analogy confines the three space dimensions we can see to merely the 3 - D surface of the 4 - D balloon.
    • It's commonly said that urban warfare takes place in three dimensions - whereas surface warfare or desert warfare takes place in just two.
    • How do we know there are three dimensions of space?
    • However, because space is curved by the mass of the black hole, it turns out that the only way we could see the entire curvature would be to picture it in a flat space with many more dimensions than four!
    • My own talk was on the good reasons we have for suspecting that there may be more than three dimensions of space.
    • Imagine how much fun it will be to learn history by surfing through both time and space dimensions in history.
    • If rolled up in this way in only one of the three dimensions of space this would correspond to a sheet being glued along two edges to form a cylinder.
    • And why cannot we move about in Time as we move about in the other dimensions of Space?
    • These curves are cuts through a curved surface in three dimensions as shown in Fig.5 B, and first hinted at in the simpler surface of Fig.1.
    • Although John might not have been aware of dimension theory, he realized, in effect, that Christ had transcended the dimensions of time and space.
    • One such plan consisted of building three metal rings around a planet, and setting them in motion, one ring moving in each of the three dimensions of space.
    • When we say ‘compounded,’ that includes the dimensions of space and time.
    • Binocular vision affords depth perception, multiple dimensions, and the ability to appreciate opposites simultaneously.
  • 2dimensions plural

    (size, extent)
    dimensiones feminine
    a problem of enormous dimensions un problema de enormes dimensiones
  • 3

    dimensión feminine
    a whole new dimension una dimensión totalmente nueva
    • We also seem this winter to be treating patients with more complex conditions requiring greater time in hospital, thereby adding a new dimension to the situation we normally face.
    • Therefore the organization of the exhibition during Ramadhan will add a cultural dimension to this holy month.
    • Those humour-laced lines join to give a new dimension to contemporary situations and personalities.
    • Schools will have quick and easy access to a wealth of information on developing an international dimension to all aspects of education.
    • These features gave an extra dimension to their performance, particularly the latter, because each player was able to devote her entire attention to musical matters.
    • That is true of politics among nations, the Catholic tradition insisted, even if there are distinctive aspects to the moral dimension of world politics.
    • What are these other aspects of the societal dimension of science?
    • As such, they feature a major dimension of wildness, the incapacity to share language.
    • To complete the picture, however, we need to consider the reporter who spins the story on behalf of the candidate's wife, adding a third dimension to the two sides.
    • A fresh lemony parsley beurre blanc on the side added a sharp dimension to throw the whole dish into relief.
    • They have intriguing hooded flowers on tall airy stems that add to the vertical dimension of the garden.
    • The strategy elements add a wonderful dimension, allowing actions to be queued and carried out in succession, with multiple characters at your command.
    • These factors add a dimension of comedy.
    • The civilian element adds a realistic dimension to the game, since the people you must protect look a lot like the people trying to kill you.
    • I also think the book contains a dimension of cultural history, and memoir is a great genre in which to explore connections between the personal and the historical.
    • Frequently, happiness studies are lacking a historical as well as a linguistic and a cultural dimension.
    • These gardens are one of the country's most distinctive features, and they add a special dimension to a visitor's enjoyment of Japan.
    • The capacity for cultural institutions such as orchestras to help add economic and cultural dimensions to a city or regions is well known.
    • However, the situation has difficult ethical dimensions.
    • There are various theories of globalization, some of which emphasize its economic aspects while others focus on its cultural dimensions.