Translation of diminish in Spanish:


disminuir, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈmɪnɪʃ/ /dɪˈmɪnɪʃ/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    (cost/number/amount) disminuir
    (cost/number/amount) reducirse
    (enthusiasm) disminuir
    (enthusiasm) apagarse
    the currency has diminished in value la moneda ha disminuido de valor / se ha depreciado
    • The propensity for people enriched by capital gains to borrow and spend is gradually diminishing.
    • The agrarian sector of the economy is gradually diminishing as the service sector assumes prominence.
    • The itching usually diminishes gradually and eventually stops after complete wound healing.
    • Their respect for you gradually diminishes during the passing time it takes you figuring out their name.
    • The ability to do this is greatest in the very young and diminishes gradually with age.
    • This relative dominance of the root over the shoot diminishes gradually as the plant grows.
    • Many critics felt that the sense of likeness gained through the use of contemporary dress diminished gradually as time went by and fashions changed.
    • Consequently, as quotas increased over the decades in keeping with world economic growth, the role of the basic votes diminished gradually.
    • It certainly can't be a barrel of laughs watching your portfolio gradually diminish in value.
    • It should gradually diminish as the body returns to balance over a few months of treatment.
    • My pain has diminished as a result of the hands-on instruction, group work and breathing and relaxation exercises that constitute the classes.
    • Chances are the pain will diminish as your musculature recovers.
    • Devotees claim that pain and disease diminish or disappear after just weeks of practice.
    • He notices that his scores are improving and his pain is diminishing or gone.
    • Her life became more and more squalid and her expectations diminished.
    • I must say Amsterdam is a great place, but my life expectancy would spectacularly diminish if I stayed there.
    • With its coming it was expected that accidents on the route would diminish considerably.
    • This election we expect the scale of traditional tactical voting to diminish.
    • The baby had been getting bigger gradually and my morning sickness was diminishing.
    • Now, the impact of the tax cuts is diminishing and interest rates are expected to go up.
  • 2diminishing present participle

    (amount/speed/importance) cada vez menor
    • This lack of comprehensiveness in no way diminishes the valuable contribution made by this fine book.
    • At Lynn the right of any member of the community to attend at least the more important assemblies was not diminished by the constitutional compromise of 1420.
    • The wardens complained that the plan has effectively smeared them and diminished their status.
    • Such smoothing over of differences, however, would have diminished the powerful sense of otherness that is such a valuable aspect of the book.
    • Overall image fidelity in black and white was impressive, but the overall effect was diminished by the bright gray bars.
    • Rather it was because he was forced to come off earlier in both these derbies after his problem diminished his ability to make an impression.
    • You have in my estimate, dishonoured the high office you hold and diminished our democracy.
    • However, most of these remixes are available elsewhere, which greatly diminishes the value of this collection.
    • So I am not diminishing what she achieved, your Honour.
    • But that doesn't diminish what he has accomplished here.
    • The unintended results: ubiquitous recorded music playback significantly diminishes the singular impact of live music.
    • The injuries that he sustained in the crash had severely diminished his quality of life.
    • But this fact substantially diminishes his otherwise potent political power as Commerce Committee chair.
    • There are some very expensive items which can actually diminish your credibility.
    • But that in no way diminished the original accomplishment.
    • Hasn't technology increased labor's mobility and diminished the importance of physical proximity?
    • My friends scoff at this, claiming that the importance of sex diminishes with age.
    • But it is crucial it does not inadvertently cause problems that diminish its value.
    • But they diminish their own credibility with a lot of stories you cannot believe.
    • Limited conversation does in no way diminish the truth or reality of the contact.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (size/cost) reducir
    (size/cost) disminuir
    (enthusiasm) disminuir
    (enthusiasm) apagar
    (hostility) aplacar