Traducción de diminished en español:


más limitado, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈmɪnɪʃt/ /dɪˈmɪnɪʃt/


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    (expectations) más limitado
    (interval) Música disminuido
    to plead diminished responsibility alegar una atenuante de responsabilidad
    • And several times in the book a diminished fifth rather than an augmented fourth is called a tritone.
    • Arpeggios of diminished 7ths rushing up and down the keyboard are the main - indeed the only - motive in this bravura piece.
    • ‘Ok,’ I play it in its Major, minor, Augmented and diminished forms then look up at him again.
    • The switch to the demonic way of the deep happens through the diminished chord.
    • Below the dizzying diminished arpeggios and harmonized runs lie massive, memorable riffs.
    • A crtc in name only gives us the illusion of regulation and protection, but in reality, it has a very diminished and marginal role.
    • The problem is that such an approach requires national politicians to deny themselves power and accept a diminished role for the central state, their state.
    • The new direction was toward shifting responsibility away from the federal government, which indicated a diminished civil works role for the Corps of Engineers.
    • The role of poverty in diminished marriage prospects may be illustrated by comparing various U.S. ethnic groups that differ in average earnings.
    • Nor is the role of the mother diminished - partly because women tend to get very involved with their children as soon as they come home from work.
    • However in sympathetic assistance the charge is often reduced to manslaughter with diminished responsibilities, which ultimately carries a lighter sentence.
    • The report also warns that the need to recruit afresh will result in a huge brain drain from the civil service in addition to a diminished capability and reduced service to the public.
    • Unpicked coffee beans are now spreading the Broca disease, which threatens to destroy next year's already diminished crop.
    • The main goal of this study was to attempt to determine if the growth function reflected in learning curves was a result of diminished associative strength, reduced confidence, or both.
    • The malnourished suffer from impaired health, reduced physical strength, diminished mental alertness, and high rates of infant mortality.
    • Visual changes in the earlier stages may include diminished vision, contraction of the visual field, changes in the size of objects or photophobia.
    • Hypoandrogenemia results in decreased bone density, increased lean body mass, diminished libido, and decreased quality of life.
    • I've found ginger to be particularly helpful for infants with colic, and in older people who suffer with poor digestion or diminished appetite.
    • The diminished sharing reduced the effectiveness of our interrogations and eventually convinced the command to end our support of the operation.
    • Both groups of children were born with left ventricles that, on average, had higher mass and lower contractility, or a diminished ability to pump.
    • Several plants react to increased UV radiation with reduced growth or diminished photosynthetic activity.
    • Since then, diminished resources have reduced its intellectual quality as well as its students' opportunities.
    • Arrhythmia develops in association with damaged cardiac contractile elements and diminished coronary flow.
    • This may have resulted in a diminished contrast between the treatment groups.
    • Though diminished, the labor movement has played a key role in creating a new progressive political opposition.