Traducción de diminuendo en Español:


diminuendo, n.

Pronunciación /dəˌmɪn(j)əˈwɛndoʊ/ /dɪˌmɪnjʊˈɛndəʊ/

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nombreplural diminuendos

  • 1

    diminuendo masculino
    • He makes them dance for his pleasure, and you hear their breath come and go, in the swell and subsiding of those marvellous crescendos and diminuendos which set the strings pulsating like a sea.
    • In either case the two notes will typically be slurred and played with a diminuendo.
    • His first diminuendo also impresses in that his playing doesn't lose its heroic character, simply because he's gotten softer.
    • The children's phased tambourine crescendo and diminuendo near the start was astonishing, like a leaf opening and then curling - James Blades, doyen of postwar percussionists, couldn't have managed it better.
    • A note of melancholy swelled to a crescendo, then, dissipated into the breeze with a diminuendo.