Traducción de dimly en español:


débilmente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈdɪmli/


  • 1

    (shine) débilmente
    a dimly lit room una habitación poco iluminada / iluminada por una luz tenue
    • I could dimly make out … podía entrever indistintamente …
    • I dimly recall it lo recuerdo vagamente
    • The testing was carried out in a dimly illuminated room.
    • The lamp on Albert's desk glowed golden orange, dimly illuminating the dusty, disorderly office.
    • The light shone dimly off the white wall directly across the sparse, small room.
    • A single lamp glowed dimly in the gloom.
    • When we finally got back we found our fire still burning dimly.
    • A star or two twinkled dimly here and there through the rifts of the clouds.
    • They looked like electric lights -- disappearing, reappearing dimly, then shining as bright as ever.
    • The gas light flickered dimly.
    • Inside a single arc-light burned dimly, high up near the roof of the enormous hall, whose windows vanished in the gloom.
    • The restaurant, with its dark wood paneling, dimly glowing brass light fixtures and green velour booths, reeks of old-time Hollywood noir.