Translation of dine in Spanish:


cenar, v.

Pronunciation /daɪn/ /dʌɪn/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to dine on sth cenar algo
    to dine off sth cenar algo
    they dined on venison last night anoche cenaron venado
    • The effect of water is best if found in the north of the living, dining or study area but not in the bedroom.
    • The living, dining and kitchen areas were more discrete, making observation less easy.
    • There is plenty of space to dine in the breakfast area, from where there is access to a tiled conservatory.
    • He told the inquest that he, his wife and two friends were going home after dining at a restaurant when the accident happened.
    • She loves going out to wine bars and dining in restaurants and looks forward to her three holidays a year with husband Geoff.
    • Is this what lurks behind his divine plan to make pubs and restaurants more conducive to dining?
    • Then we got jobs, had money, and went out dining at fine restaurants and drinking in less fine pubs.
    • A man is dining in a fancy restaurant and there is a gorgeous redhead sitting at the next table.
    • On the night we dined, the restaurant was fairly quiet, with three other diners (in addition to our party of five).
    • A few months ago I dined at a restaurant with some relatives.
    • I told him I had dined at the restaurant the first time I had visited the United Kingdom, which was indeed in that decade.
    • I have dined in many award-winning restaurants and had duff food.
    • I can also recommend the hotel restaurant where I dined well and drank Chardonnay that tasted exactly like honey.
    • He bought homes in Cannes and Marbella and dined at the best restaurants.
    • It was the first time I'd dined at a restaurant that was under police observation.
    • From now until Christmas, if you dine at a Bradford restaurant, you can help the homeless by adding just £1 to your bill.
    • The confirmation fax reminded us we had to wear a collar and tie if we chose to dine in the restaurant.
    • During their visit they toured London and dined in the main banqueting hall at the Mansion House.
    • However, we were invited to order from the bistro-board menus potted around the bar and dine in the pleasant, adjacent restaurant area.
    • Most restaurants have pleasant outside areas, and when I dine with my son we always seek the table with the best view.