Translation of dinghy in Spanish:


bote, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪŋi/ /ˈdɪŋɡi/

Definition of bote in Spanish

nounplural dinghies

  • 1

    (sailing boat)
    bote masculine
    • Some categories of boats are full, such as yachts, sailing dinghies and self-drive motor boats.
    • Still undaunted by what was acknowledged, at the time, as the longest distance ever sailed in an open dinghy out of sight of land, the King planted a flag at the base to commemorate the event.
    • Some other members were on hand to demonstrate how to rig the sails on a sailing dinghy and show the layout of a boat to the trainees.
    • It was an eight-foot sailing dinghy with high freeboard.
    • Fitz smiled at this, remembering his own boyhood dreams as he'd sailed a small dinghy and thought of bigger boats.
    • Though the wind seemed disappointingly light, I was excited to be on an 18 foot yacht, having sailed before only in dinghies.
    • So why would any person in their right mind nail their colours to the mast of a leaky dinghy rather than a majestic tall ship?
    • The dinghy has three sails and a trapeze, which allows Katherine to lean out of the boat on a wire to counteract the force of the sails and keep the boat upright.
    • If you don't sail a dinghy well you don't actually go anywhere, but in a cat you pull the sails in and then point vaguely in the right direction and it can go like a bullet from a gun.
    • Yet Emma has just returned to her roots, sailing a dinghy in the Clyde with a 15-year-old girl from Helensburgh Sailing Club, and professes to have enjoyed every minute of it.
    • As I looked at these tremendous pedal extremities, I mused that I sail a dinghy, not much bigger than his boots, on the open waters of the Gulf of Thailand.
    • Should you wish, you can have a sail in a dinghy in the presence of our qualified instructors, but remember to bring some old clothes and a windproof, or relax in our clubhouse and watch racing on the lake.
    • Moroccan authorities said last week that the suspects planned to sail a dinghy loaded with explosives from Morocco into the strait to attack the vessels.
    • A friend invited me to go sailing in a dinghy, again on a stormy day.
    • The access dinghy he uses to sail is controlled by a hand operated joystick, allowing him a freedom of movement he lacks on land.
    • I used to live in Guernsey and I learnt to windsurf and sail dinghies.
    • I was sailing dinghies at the time and expressed an interest in having a go at sailmaking as a profession, so I wrote to him and he responded by calling me in for a meeting.
    • The Standard dinghies have a larger sail of 6.7 square metres.
    • Angry coastguards in North Wales today condemned as ‘madness’ children being allowed to sail out in tiny dinghies.
    • He's really in a dinghy, its mast little taller than its sole occupant!
  • 2also inflatable dinghy or rubber dinghy

    bote neumático masculine
  • 3also dinghy cruiser

    velero de crucero masculine
    yola feminine