Translation of dinky in Spanish:


de mala muerte, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪŋki/

See Spanish definition of mono

adjective dinkier, dinkiest

  • 1US

    de mala muerte informal
    a dinky apartment/room un cuchitril informal
    • The white-bread show was nearly cancelled at the end of its last season, having shed viewers like those pretty autumn leaves you see in the dinky town of Stars Hollow, where it's set.
    • We had lunch in their dinky little restaurant, and figured that we were the youngest people there, by a margin of about forty years.
    • As for refreshment of the liquid sort, walk down Belmont Street, just off Union Street, and you'll find yourself in dinky bar heaven.
    • Burlington Arcade has these ‘watchmen’ called beadles, and Princes Arcade runs between Piccadilly and Jermyn Street and has lots of teeny dinky little shops.
    • Or if, like me, you simply want to take a look at the day, you can easily lose yourself down the narrow, winding lanes, tiny coastal towns and dinky fishing ports.
    • To get away from the showbiz glitz, head down Palma's side streets and dinky squares for good shopping, eating and historic sights.
    • A poet and a parent, she has used the experience of the latter into a dinky collection of poems titled Baby, inspired by the birth of Comrie, her first child.
    • Andy and Luke (the people I live with) are both well, and have been showing off their new toy - a digital video camera (it's really dinky and very cool).
    • London, naturally, is leading the way in the burgeoning trend for nail bars offering manicures to little girls accompanying their mothers and dinky versions of grown-up perfumes and accessories.
    • It's all so enticing - those galvanised planters, the dinky lamps to dangle from trees - that I'm revved up and excited and, by the time I reach the till, actually panting.
    • You can delve into its dinky shops, which include several exclusive antiques stores, interiors shops, delicatessen and gift shops, and have lunch in a number of smart eateries or pubs.
    • On the way back from Dorking, we stopped in a dinky little village called ‘Gomshall’, where we spotted a ‘new age’ type shop.
    • The Music Clip digital music player maintains this trend - it's delightfully dinky, but has a less-than-petite price tag.
    • ‘If I can do all this from a little dinky office with no funding,’ he exclaims, ‘imagine what the FBI could do!’
    • When I recently rammed the rear of a dinky Toyota on the Ventura Freeway, I bent it up pretty badly.
    • This isn't a dinky log jump we're talking about; it's big air with even bigger consequences, so you've got to be certain you can clear the gap before you launch.
    • Of course I mean more than a small dinky deposit, anyone with some geological training or even studying can figure out probable areas where there might be a deposit.
    • Our daughter lives with us, not some teacher and her husband in a dinky apartment!
    • Indeed, almost three decades on, his gift for moving is so astonishing that he makes Longborough's dinky stage feel ten times the size it is.
    • Finally, about half an hour later, Lauryn was dressed, fed, and in the dinky vehicle she liked to call a car, on her way to Chris's house.
    • I'd probably be stuck in Flordia, going to work every single day, and getting married at a dorky, dinky wedding down there.
    • I gripped my dinky plastic fork we were supplied with by the mean cafeteria ladies in my hand; I was very tempted to just stab her.
    • With so many speaker systems to choose from, there's little need to listen to a movie through the dinky hookup in your television.
    • That's why Curtis has the least powerful computer at Merrill Lynch on his desk, along with a dinky monitor.
    • Are we going to be living in some small, dinky shack with no running water and a cast iron cauldron for cooking?
    • How in the world could a school with such a dinky gym ever help a league with big-time aspirations?
    • The dark was broken only by a few dinky lampposts here and there along the stretch of bumpy road.
    • After the heroic installations of Judd, Flavin and Andre on the lower floors of the Guggenheim, McCollum's modestly sized, wall-mounted works looked, well, dinky.
    • At best, the application could be called dinky; the interface is horrendous, and there is no user manual, or anything to really indicate what is going on.
    • I don't want dinky little reviews that tell me nothing.
    • This one's kinda dinky, but I'm not getting as much time to write as I'd thought.
    • We drove over and found a somewhat dinky little dirt park adjoining a railroad track.
    • It is fair to say the only Porsche I could have afforded would have been a dinky toy.
  • 2British

    mono informal
    lindo Latin America
    amoroso mainly Latin America