Traducción de dint en Español:


Pronunciación /dɪnt/


  • 1

    by dint of sth a fuerza de algo
    • he won it by dint of sheer hard work se lo ganó a fuerza de trabajar
    • Creative work is done not by dint of will power, by some kind of mental exertion; instead, and paradoxically, it comes with the least effort, out of the blue.
    • She reaches this position by dint of sheer competence.
    • But one day by dint of sheer chance and perverse good luck Vernon happened to be struck by a rather smashing train of thought.
    • Trying new and different products by dint of what new and different labels show up on the bar has become second nature to them.
    • The song succeeds by dint of sheer density and passion.
  • 2EEUU

    • The hat, I think the style was called fedora, had a dark band and a dint in the top, which my father would sometimes correct with a chopping action of his right hand.
    • Remove dints and scratches and chips from cars; detail your car inside and out and respray the car, for $1000.
    • I'm not sure my massive century-old wardrobe can handle any more nicks and dints from ‘careful’ removalists.
    • The dashboard was marked with dints and encrusted in a thin layer of dust and grime.
    • Really, the race doesn't start until about lap 100, if we can get to lap 100 and the car's in good shape, hasn't had any dints or scratches, then we're in a good position to push to the end.
    • I doubt if they had even cared if they knew I have a tyre-shaped dint in my leg when they ran me over with my car.
    • It was steel, welded in placed and despite a few dints completely undamaged.
    • They jumped off at a building, which looked the same as all the other building, except this one had a few stains on the pavement and a dint in the wall.
    • The old gate of St. Pauls Church had a dint in it from a stone thrown during the fight, and this gate is still in the possession of a local farmer.
    • Unfortunatley, the brand new, shiny 3 week old car now has a huge dint in the rear!
    • You can see the actual nerves inside the spinal column, plain as plain, and every tiny dint and imperfection on the vertebrae.
    • Then she would don a thimble, put a dint in the cookie, and fill it with jam.