Translation of diploid in Spanish:


diploide, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪpˌlɔɪd/ /ˈdɪplɔɪd/

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    • An obvious question is whether the mat bias is absent in azygotic meiosis after homologous chromosomes have coexisted in diploid cells for many mitotic divisions.
    • Oocytes and sperm are haploid, with one set of chromosomes, whereas somatic cells are diploid, with two chromosomal sets.
    • However, to a low extent, viable spores can also be recovered from a very small population of homozygous diploid nuclei in an otherwise haploid plasmodium.
    • We performed a similar experiment using h/h diploid cells as the host.
    • We started the experiments described below by establishing large populations of diploid cells.