Translation of diplomacy in Spanish:


diplomacia, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈploʊməsi/ /dɪˈpləʊməsi/


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    diplomacia feminine
    • Mr Chairman, Zambia has invested a lot in diplomacy and international relations.
    • Summit diplomacy has become a very important component of international diplomacy.
    • Bad mouthing the Germans in mid-bid probably wasn't the smartest piece of international diplomacy.
    • International diplomacy - and its failings - played just as big a part in the Balkan conflict.
    • Of course, not everyone has been enamoured of this latest incursion into international diplomacy.
    • They are also expected to follow accepted practices of diplomacy and to support international organizations.
    • The end of the cold war represented a dramatic change in the international context within which diplomacy is conducted.
    • Laval was a tough negotiator and manipulator, an activist in diplomacy in which he pushed at the frontiers of constraint.
    • It is a symbolic reassertion of the efficacy of diplomacy and dialogue over the use of force in international disputes.
    • Skill in diplomacy could not replace skill in war, but the former was essential to final success.
    • It also shows that simple dialogue or Western-backed diplomacy cannot provide solutions to the conflict.
    • Downer thinks Australia must become firmer in its private diplomacy over Taiwan.
    • What we are trying to do now is to use diplomacy and use political actions to resolve this.
    • We also hope the United States will apply flexible diplomacy, apart from its basic principles.
    • The dialogue of diplomacy then carries the threat of war rather than the promise of peace.
    • Italy has oscillated between active involvement in EU diplomacy and a passive presence in the system.
    • China should take note here and apply diplomacy to foster good neighbor relations.
    • However, military activity had left all sides weak and secret diplomacy took over from military conflict.
    • When English-Indian relations did not turn upon sheer power they rested on diplomacy.
    • There's a familiar rule that diplomacy works best when backed by the threat of force.
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    diplomacia feminine
    • It would certainly require an incredible level of diplomacy and sensitivity.
    • Trying to make staff regulations for a team like that was a task requiring diplomacy and sensitivity.
    • Tactful diplomacy is, ultimately, the only sensible way to resolve this dispute.
    • Their admirable diplomacy on this sensitive question has an explanation not immediately obvious.
    • This is what we like: a little bit of verbal sparring between two people not exactly renowned for their diplomacy or tact.
    • We believe that women can excel in the field as it is not all about muscle but tact and diplomacy.
    • By concentrating on tact and diplomacy you can more effectively take advantage of your intellectual potential.
    • People in this category do well in employment requiring diplomacy and tact.
    • Tact and diplomacy are also important, and again, it is to the Moon, Venus and Libra that we look for support in that area.
    • The optimum solution will be one that involves diplomacy, dignity and justice for all concerned.
    • Can you talk about the delicacy and diplomacy needed to secure your footage?
    • An ability to influence with subtlety and diplomacy should not go unmentioned.
    • Now is the time for a return to traditional, professional Japanese diplomacy.
    • All these conflicts were eventually resolved by diplomacy, dialogue and concession.