Translation of diplomatic in Spanish:


diplomático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪpləˈmædɪk/ /dɪpləˈmatɪk/

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    the diplomatic corps el cuerpo diplomático
    • to break off diplomatic relations romper las relaciones diplomáticas
    • It will also enhance foreign trade and diplomatic relations with neighboring countries.
    • The war induced the opening of New Zealand's first diplomatic relations with foreign powers.
    • Henceforth UK interests were to be the concern of a British diplomatic agent styled the British High Commissioner.
    • The nuclear issue is Japan's most pressing diplomatic concern at the moment.
    • Their voyage will face flotillas of furious protesters and risk not only a major diplomatic incident but the threat of terrorism.
    • Hastings made the traditional post-match speech in French which almost caused a diplomatic incident.
    • Mercifully, this disgraceful insult to a proud nation was removed before it had a chance to cause a diplomatic incident.
    • He caused a diplomatic incident by renaming the dog Dougal; the French deemed this a slur on Charles de Gaulle.
    • The incident sparked a bitter diplomatic row between Tokyo and Beijing.
    • Iran agreed to resume full diplomatic ties with its former enemy Iraq.
    • In a reciprocal gesture, Pakistan agreed to restore full diplomatic ties with nuclear neighbor India.
    • Robson said discussions would take place about the form that diplomatic relations with Afghanistan would take.
    • The war induced the opening of New Zealand's first diplomatic relations with foreign powers.
    • He said the opening of a new diplomatic mission in Brazil will offer opportunities to the Namibian business sector.
    • A legislator disclosed to reporters recent attempts to seek new diplomatic allies - an issue normally deemed top secret.
    • When Jefferson went on his first diplomatic mission, he bought very expensive china.
    • We should have and we need today to apply more diplomatic effort to resolving that issue.
    • France has supported more diplomatic efforts be made to persuade Iraq to allow the return of weapons inspectors.
    • The attack came as new diplomatic initiative was being launched in New York.
    • Reversing the policy adopted by previous administrations since 1917, the administration also granted diplomatic recognition to the Soviet Union.
  • 2

    (person/approach) diplomático
    she needs diplomatic handling hay que tratarla con diplomacia
    • Be a catalyst for change by letting your actions and voices be heard in a diplomatic and tactful manner.
    • So it would appear that from now on I am going to have to be more tactful and diplomatic in my meanderings.
    • Still, dealing with a complex issue such as this one requires a great deal of diplomatic finesse.
    • You can be diplomatic, politic or polite or you can be blunt and honest.
    • His admission that he was ‘disappointed’ was a diplomatic understatement.
    • O'Neill is intense and energetic yet, having briefly trained as a legal student, is almost always subtle and diplomatic.
    • The most thoughtful and diplomatic of us would concede these points of contention.
    • Your review, though diplomatic, is completely off the mark - this film is an epic time waster.
    • You are subtle and diplomatic while resolving conflicts and clashes today.
    • While Currie is extremely polite and diplomatic, it is clear he finds these frustrating and unhelpful.
    • In his dealings with Cabinet colleagues he was diplomatic and careful not to alienate.
    • He showed his diplomatic skills there, because there is a good deal that can be criticized here.
    • He should solve his problems in a more diplomatic fashion though, he had me riled up.
    • Again, the diplomatic Campbell can see, and understand, both sides of the criticism.
    • With O'Neill, though, there is no need for diplomatic rhetoric about the club having been turned around.
    • You're being very diplomatic, but I'm wondering if you aren't also disappointed.
    • He'd have to be very diplomatic on the Iranian front.
    • Last year's winner Rich Hall was diplomatic about the nature of the prize.
    • I am diplomatic in my ways and would never dream of causing offence.
    • His diplomatic approach and concern for the staff ensured a smooth changeover.