Traducción de diplomatic service en Español:

diplomatic service

servicio diplomático, n.


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    servicio diplomático masculino
    • No international jurist of the present day has a wider or more deserved reputation than Calvo, who, though writing in French, is a citizen of the Argentine Republic, employed in its diplomatic service abroad.
    • The second is the creation of an EU foreign minister, ending the institutional split between the European commission and governments, with a diplomatic service to represent the EU round the world.
    • We don't want and we don't need a written constitution for Europe with its own president, its own foreign secretary, its own diplomatic service and even its own army.
    • So far nine member states including Germany and Spain have approved the constitution, which creates a new EU President and Foreign Minister, as well as an EU diplomatic service.
    • After resigning from the diplomatic service, he was elected president in 1992 representing the conservative People's Party.
    • His advice to travelers, which he published after his departure from the diplomatic service, was a continuation of this political mission by other means.
    • The ranks of the New York Police Department will be bolstered by the FBI, the US Secret Service, the diplomatic service and private security agents.
    • The budget cuts of the 1990s dramatically reduced funding for the military, foreign aid and the diplomatic service.
    • The EU will set up its own diplomatic service to support the Minister.
    • Sir Michael Jay, head of the diplomatic service, wrote to all diplomats urging them to ‘respect’ the ‘confidence’ of their work.
    • However, as a former head of the diplomatic service, I would be extremely concerned if appointments of this sort were to become the thin edge of a potentially serious wedge.
    • Employment in the Office was less prestigious than in the diplomatic service and the two services were quite separate.
    • His fondness for speaking his mind would have made him a misfit in the diplomatic service for which he was being groomed.
    • Old hands in the diplomatic service, say the President knows almost nothing about the intricacies of the conflict.
    • He also talked about his life here as ambassador - the personal joys and frustrations - and his thoughts on what he might like to do once he eventually leaves the diplomatic service.
    • The diplomatic service, too, has always been well-stocked with Etonians, and it is in the hands of these future powerbrokers that our future peace may rest.
    • Others took jobs in industry, or joined the diplomatic service or became politicians - dealing on equal terms with people who had once been their subjects.
    • We believe that the country needs a professional diplomatic service which will be independent from the narrow confines of party politics.
    • Meyer's retirement from the diplomatic service was, he says, ‘traumatic’.
    • But then he topped that by volunteering to rejoin the diplomatic service as the invasion of Iraq began.