Traducción de diplomatically en español:


con diplomacia, adv.

Pronunciación /ˌdɪpləˈmædɪkli/ /ˌdɪpləˈmatɪkli/


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    con diplomacia
    • The collapse of the country soon revealed how weak the EU was diplomatically.
    • London preferred to settle its disputes diplomatically without Italian help.
    • The United States remains involved militarily and diplomatically in the region.
    • West Germany had recovered its economic strength by 1958 but remained weak diplomatically, which made it the ideal ally for de Gaulle.
    • Diplomatically, too, the moment is right for a new alignment between the two countries.
    • To achieve this he was, unlike many free traders, ready to intervene diplomatically or if necessary militarily.
    • As Canada moved out of the shadow of Britain in the post-war era, it was only to move into the shadow of the United States, economically, militarily and diplomatically.
    • France, humiliated by Prussia in the war of 1870, not only looked for compensation overseas but in the process increasingly aligned herself diplomatically with Russia.
    • The Defence Secretary's remark signals to the nations of Eastern Europe that they can be more diplomatically influential if they are allied.
    • We are trying to address this diplomatically, but other options are also open.