Translation of dippy in Spanish:


chiflado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪpi/

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adjective dippier, dippiest

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    chiflado informal
    • My dippy mother is going around frantically getting all the things from inside the living room that are worth any money, which I can tell you it ‘aint a lot!
    • Inoffensive, energetic and pleasantly silly comic froth, David Dobkin's jaunty Shanghai Knights serves up robust verbal cut and thrust from the ever willing Chan and his charmingly dippy, English-baiting foil, Wilson.
    • His wife is gradually losing her marbles; his sister-in-law is a dippy alcoholic.
    • Maguire's dippy smile and wide-eyed, otherworldly quality - changes of expression seem to form in remarkable slow-motion on his face - work just as well here as in The Ice Storm and Pleasantville.
    • Also released this week is White Chicks, a comedy starring the brothers Marlon and Shawn Wayans as African-American FBI agents who disguise themselves as dippy white female socialites for a weekend in the Hamptons.
    • As the sweetly dippy Anita, who was clearly a few fries short of the full chip supper, Shobna was winningly funny, spouting Wood's robustly Northern jokes alongside seasoned stars like Julie Walters and Celia Imrie.
    • There's the Emily Mortimer school: ‘I am dippy and flaky, and don't have a plan, though I will end up with the hottest young actor at the end of the evening.’
    • My Brother was supposed to be calling me last night after going to see Dad and letting me know how things were going with our dippy younger Brother but I never got the call so we're a little on edge this morning not knowing how things are going.
    • Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and the world's richest man, is also a left-hander, as are the actresses Nicole Kidman and Lisa Kudrow, who played dippy Phoebe in Friends.
    • But before long, Katherine and Eloise, two rather dippy teenagers from the family group, are, unwittingly, heading towards the first set of rapids.
    • It's one of those things that i'm just gonna take with me to my grave, probably the closest I'll ever come to space, in its dippy space camp way, you know?
    • In the next three seconds, somewhere in the world, an ingenuous pop star or maybe a dippy actress or a sententious comedian will harangue you about Third World debt.
    • This might sound really dippy, but I really can't remember which photos I had on page 8 of the photo album on the Sherri and Gina website.
    • The times I was just having a beery laugh with my friends, times when we shared in each other's extrovert abandon, each other's dippy oblivion.
    • And that's fine with me - even though I am aware that I can be as dippy as any stereotypical blonde.
    • The farmers were not telling jokes, they were laughing uproariously at the long-haired, dippy hiker bloke.
    • Worse than this dippy nonsense is the smug hippie sanctimony Glastonbury attracts.
    • We sit on the top deck and zone out, gazing into the middle distance with dippy smiles on our faces.