Translation of direct marketing in Spanish:

direct marketing

márketing directo, n.


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    márketing directo masculine
    • To many people, direct mail and direct marketing are synonymous.
    • The company offers viral marketing, opt-in reward programs and direct marketing.
    • We recently needed information on using direct marketing for retailers in Europe.
    • This focus means that a large part of marketing expenditure goes to dealing with trade, and the bulk of the rest on direct marketing to corporations.
    • Using databases in direct marketing is also a dynamic process.
    • Similar considerations applied to other forms of direct marketing, such as telephone - based marketing.
    • The point is, direct marketing allows you to get your business noticed.
    • In the pharmaceutical industry, medical sales executives did direct marketing with doctors rather than patients.
    • Farm product direct marketing is not a workable, or available, method of operation for most farmers.
    • An Post's Liam Sheehan concedes that this is a book that hardly functions as a promotion for direct marketing but he says that was never the idea.
    • It's almost impossible to do direct marketing in an offline world to launch a new artist, but you can do it very cheaply in an online world.
    • He also wants to bolster revenues from hot growth areas such as direct marketing and Web-based communications.
    • Navigating German law related to direct marketing can be tricky, too.
    • The increase could be a result of other factors, such as direct marketing or traditional advertising, as well.
    • After all, like direct marketing, interactive advertising can be one-to-one.
    • In the world of direct marketing, getting prospects to open their mail is half the battle.
    • The first solely has to do with voting and the second will be used as a database for direct marketing.
    • In contrast to advertising, direct marketing grew for the fifth consecutive quarter.
    • On several occasions I've given a talk on direct marketing called Beyond Farmers' Markets.
    • Unlike other forms of direct marketing, such as junk mail or telemarketing, spam should be considered a threat.