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directriz, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈrɛktɪv/ /dɪˈrɛktɪv/ /dʌɪˈrɛktɪv/

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    directriz femenino
    directiva femenino América Latina
    EU directives become binding on member states las directivas de la UE pasan a ser vinculantes para los estados miembros
    • If Community action is required, the Commission will proceed through directives rather than regulations.
    • State authorities have ignored court directives demanding certain prisoners be produced.
    • Everything is illegal unless approved by the government, thus the reason for such idiotic regulations and directives.
    • At World Cups, referees receive directives from Fifa about a particular aspect of the game which has become a concern.
    • To recall, the state is deemed to enforce all directives of Apex Courts without any impediment.
    • In fact, many are likely to be confused and discouraged by these prescriptions and directives.
    • Thus, we can see the directives of the local authorities in making those decisions.
    • It cannot afford to have a deputy who needs to rely on directions and directives from above.
    • God shows no partiality to the rich or poor when it comes to obeying his moral directives.
    • It also drafts standards for power conversion and monitors European Commission directives on behalf of its members.
    • The US government has no authority to issue directives to the country's courts.
    • Law-making in the EU is generally carried out through regulations or directives.
    • It had become a work game whereby workers found ways to subvert directives from supervisors.
    • In fact, it could not change its plan as it was set in stone, dictated by EU directives.
    • None of the above directives have ever been implemented or enforced.
    • He said the directives should be given legal authority for the system to work.
    • The Chief Justice will issue directives which will guide attorneys and others on what practice is to be utilised.
    • Schools in Bangalore are in focus these days, thanks to two directives.
    • The police had registered the case and started investigations on directives from the Chief Minister.
    • Ireland has also been punished by Europe for failing to implement a number of environmental directives.