Traducción de directly en español:


directamente, adv.

Pronunciación /dɪˈrɛktli/ /daɪˈrɛktli/ /dʌɪˈrɛktli/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(without stopping)

      (go/drive/fly) directamente
      (go/drive/fly) directo
      • The pieces of fish were definitely thrown directly from the freezer onto the plate.
      • Sweetened syrup is also sent directly to restaurants and fast-food chains where it is sold to the public as a fountain drink.
      • We may skip the hocus-pocus part of the article and go directly to its conclusions.
      • Christian then told officers that he immediately flew directly to Thailand and went straight to Pattaya.
      • If you are a man reading this, you may skip it immediately and go directly to the Hillary column!
      • It feels like stepping into one's office directly from the breakfast table.
      • Later after breakfast, Mallory went directly to her room and turned on her stereo to max loudness.
      • Once inside, our way led us directly to the kitchen for early breakfast.
      • The annual West of Ireland Pilgrimage to Fatima in October will once again this year fly directly from Knock Airport to Lisbon.
      • Once there, I was taken directly to the Jeep, which was magically parked in a covered parking space.
      • Follow the waymarked path straight ahead heading directly for the right-hand side of the farm below.
      • The attractive prices make most travellers go directly to the shopping centre as soon as they have separated from their luggage.
      • McLeish was asked why the Frenchman had not simply flown directly to England, rather than using Glasgow as a connecting airport.
      • You can avoid this frustration, and reduce your risk of collision, by simply heading directly to the top floors.
      • Chances are, the pilot in extremis simply wants to go directly to an airport or other navaid.
      • The next morning, Elizabeth left for the market directly after breakfast as Odessa had ordered.
      • We were out there during Music West, and we were slotted directly after the Georgia Straight Music Awards.
      • Measurements and data were obtained directly after the instant photographs were taken.
      • The new Cabinet was sworn in directly after the conclusion of the vote.
      • We arrived at the restaurant and were directly taken to the table I had called up and reserved a few nights before.

    • 1.2(without intermediaries)

      (report/deal) directamente
      he's directly responsible es el responsable directo
      • you'll be answerable directly to her tendrás que darle cuentas directamente a ella
      • All of these issues aside, we are responsible for making decisions that directly affect our aircraft.
      • And the markets are increasingly being used to supply hotels, restaurants and even schools directly.
      • So is it your conclusion that it is directly related to these ads?
      • Around 500 workers at the complex employed either directly by Scottish Coal or through contractors have lost their jobs.
      • The report concludes that they contribute directly to the high bed occupancy and blocked access to acute beds.
      • About two years ago Bill did finally become directly involved in film-making.
      • The apartment came with a 16 ft thoroughly private garden looking directly over the ocean.
      • The sale, transfer or probate of a property that is held directly can be complex, costly and lengthy.
      • In the first place, Bane and Mead agree that theological premises do not directly yield policy conclusions.
      • It is not historical fact, but may allow us to describe and relate historical facts too complex to confront directly.
      • Its strategy was also to pay the salesmen immediately, directly charging the cost to the client's policy and removing this charge over a long period of time.
      • Poverty in itself does not immediately and directly lead to conflict, let alone to terrorism.
      • Evan would fall completely silent whenever Jeff was around, and Jeff never once addressed him directly.
      • Gravitational force is immediate, it acts directly via physical space.
      • These programs certainly do not directly reduce poverty, nor will they immediately cut down the stocks of government debts.
      • All I am saying is, this is one issue that will directly effect you, and for once you do have a direct say in whether or not it comes into practice.
      • Once up and running, the Government funds them directly and the sponsor controls the academy independently of the local authority.
      • For the immediate future the North will be governed directly from London.
      • Fortunately, we don't have to deal directly with the credit union much more than once a quarter.
      • Only in a couple of instances was flooding directly linked to unusual or extreme rainfall or a storm.

    • 1.3(exactly)

      (opposite/above) justo
      they live directly opposite to us viven justo enfrente de nosotros
      • It will be moved to a position almost directly opposite the present one, but it will be much better and safer.
      • When the subject is directly opposite your position pop the shutter, while still continuing to turn your body in time with the subject.
      • Grasp the barbell with a grip just outside shoulder width, and lift it into position directly above your chest.
      • There was a bright light positioned directly above him, three of them to be exact.
      • Colors positioned directly opposite one another on the wheel have the most contrast.
      • The family were living in the rented house because their own house, directly opposite the rented house, was under renovation.
      • The grill of her car gently tapped his lower half as it finally rolled to a complete stop directly in front of him.
      • Two Libyan students who live directly under the flat where Stephen Oake was murdered were allowed to return for the first time last night.
      • After a while of walking and thinking, the two of them had stopped directly before the restaurant.
      • The first on the left is overflow parking, and the second on the right is the park directly outside the restaurant.
      • Johen bent down, then finally squatted directly in front of the horse to look at its front legs for himself.
      • He turned directly towards me and firmly planted both feet together with a small smile.
      • Like conventional wet fly fishing, once the fly is directly downstream don't be in too much of a hurry to lift off.
      • It was all chaos and smoke after a car or truck bomb exploded directly beneath the window where I had once slept.
      • Once you find and touch the key, which sits directly under the statue of the Buddha, you will attain paradise.
      • He was just about to catch her when she doubled back, directly under his nose.
      • In an instant she stood directly before him, her eyes blazing up into his face.
      • He soon discovers a newly opened video store operating directly across the road and decides to investigate.
      • They would sandwich it, and as soon as the Dark ship was directly in between the two Allied ships, one of them would fire.
      • His eyes tried desperately to adjust to the light, and soon found a ray of light directly underneath his eyes.

    • 1.4(in genealogy)

      (related/descended) por línea directa

    • 1.5Política

      (elected) en forma directa

  • 2

    (frankly, straightforwardly)
    (ask/refer to) directamente
    (answer/speak) con franqueza
    • She was neither muscled nor cruel, but yet had an exacting eye for detail and always spoke directly and bluntly.
    • At certain times, most people find it difficult to communicate honestly, directly and openly with other people.
    • Last week, when my son's queries were coming at me with the force of an aerial bombardment, I resolved to answer them as simply and directly as I could.
    • Ruane writes well, simply and directly, and succeeds in evoking the atmosphere in Poland during these years.
    • Jesus speaks of God as Father simply and directly, without any of the qualifying phrases which were often used to safeguard the transcendence of God.
    • I'd never been asked so directly, so simply, not since I was a child.
    • It describes the eschatological dimension of faith simply and directly.
    • That company could not have put it more directly or simply than that.
    • Make a mental note of times when you communicated your needs simply and directly.
    • Its finest moment came when my brother-in-law spoke directly and movingly to his tearing daughter.
    • But none of these spoke so directly to me about my life and times.
    • Being assertive means expressing yourself simply and directly, speaking for yourself and saying how you feel and what you want.
    • The video is hilarious, ultra-sexy and yet manages to speak honestly and directly about a sensitive and important issue.
    • This is a remarkable story, written clearly and directly.
    • The monks tend to respond to their questioners simply and directly.
    • Now the audience is shown clearly and directly what you can expect if you win.
    • I like love poetry because most of the time it's using language directly and clearly.
    • The Beggar's Opera spoke directly to an audience with a strong dramatic tradition in which music had played a secondary role.
    • They dare not assert directly that the same laborers that have been discharged find situations in new branches of labor.
    • Such signs of weakness are best challenged immediately, directly, simply.
  • 3

    (now, at once)
    ahora mismo
    directly before/after inmediatamente antes/después


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    en cuanto
    tell me directly he arrives avísame en cuanto llegue