Traducción de directness en español:


franqueza, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈrɛk(t)nəs/ /dɪˈrɛk(t)nəs/ /dʌɪˈrɛk(t)nəs/

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  • 1

    (of character, manner, remark)
    franqueza femenino
    • Those willing to discuss their disagreements with him say they respect his directness.
    • He has a directness that lends itself to being interviewed.
    • Once again, a mature person will appreciate your directness and give you a reasonable explanation for not answering you.
    • They want directness about what's going to change and how it is going to change.
    • Other people might have been offended by such directness, but she was not.
    • The new Metropolitan Police Commissioner is a man of admirable directness.
    • Would we find that this hitherto unknown man spoke to us in tones of refreshing directness and honesty?
    • He blinked several times, surprised by her directness.
    • Simplicity and directness are generally regarded as cardinal virtues in American peace leadership.
    • But television is an unforgiving medium: it rewards directness and a sense of human spark.
  • 2

    (of aim, attack)
    lo directo
    • Reyes runs at defenders with directness and explosive pace and he is not good enough defensively to be regarded as a long term wing solution.
    • The trolley-running phase of the game is there merely to reward both speed in connecting your route and directness of the run.
    • He was amazed at the directness of their travel, even in strong currents.
    • The presence of steps or ramps and the directness of the route also seem relevant.
    • The All Blacks will stretch the Scots ' defence with the speed and accuracy of their passing and the power and directness of their running.
    • Bees dart homewards from far-off fields with the directness of an arrow.
    • However, despite the directness of the route, the old road was terribly difficult to cross.
    • The figures show reduction of emissions from planes in UK airspace, through improved efficiency of airspace management and flight path directness.