Translation of director in Spanish:


directivo, n.

Pronunciation /dɪˈrɛktər/ /daɪˈrɛktər/ /dɪˈrɛktə/ /dʌɪˈrɛktə/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(of company)

      directivo masculine
      directiva feminine
      board of directors consejo de administración
      • the financial/personnel director el director de finanzas/de personal
      • Many of them, including a series of finance directors, had already departed.
      • Finance directors will be reluctant to take a big hit on their profits, so where possible will look around for other cost savings.
      • Gleeson was also appointed senior independent non-executive director for the purposes of the Combined Code on Corporate Governance.
      • He is the former assistant finance director for Dade County, Florida.
      • He carried on the family legacy by becoming managing director of the company in 1976.
      • Two years after he died, she became the artistic director of the company.
      • High school coaches and athletic directors are responsible for implementing this rule and levying punishments as infractions occur.
      • Funeral directors generally want to do what is right for the children.
      • I've been a funeral director for 30 years.
      • He became the club's director of rugby and masterminded four league titles and two European Cup wins.
      • Cliff was a successful marketing director working long hours in the City.
      • By day he is a high powered art director working for a major media company.
      • The art director works up a visual and asks the copywriter to come up with a suitable headline.
      • President Bush was regularly told by the director of central intelligence that there was an urgent threat.
      • Prior to that Hayek was the director of an institute on business cycle research.
      • They were disturbed about an article implicating the director of the institute in a corruption affair.
      • There were some complaints but the association's director agreed with my no cell phone edict.
      • From the 253 hospitals selected, 234 directors of nursing responded.
      • "This was a proposal the director of nursing presented to us, " he explained.
      • Susan Franks, director of nursing and planning, said she was worried about staffing levels.
      • Business ties between directors and companies whose boards they sit on are being terminated.
      • In the meantime it also appears that there is friction between board directors and shareholders.
      • Anglo Irish currently has six non-executive directors and five executive directors on its board.
      • The association would like Irish companies to have a majority of independent directors on their boards.
      • The independent directors of the Eircom board are also supporting Valentia.
      • The change is meant to spur directors to take back board powers ceded over the years to managers.
      • The bank suggested that Cunningham beef up the board with some high-profile directors.
      • The aim was to make it easier to oust bad directors and make boards more responsive.
      • But it is one thing to be a director in name and another thing to actually sit on the board as a director.
      • She also served as a director on the board of the Namibia Red Cross and Campus Crusade for Christ.
      • Most VCs will want to be able to nominate a director to the board of the company in which they invest.
      • He is a director of the main board in Europe only, and had nothing to do with the negotiations.
      • A director on the board of Namport said that they can not allowed things to go on like this.
      • Insisting on nominating a director to the board of the borrower may also be risky.
      • Board directors ought to formally sit as representatives of their organizations as a whole.
      • One of Bryne's fellow directors managed to track down his direct phone number.
      • Around the time of opening, a whole new slate of directors took over the board.
      • The measures usually are approved by the boards of directors, most of whom are members of the same CEO club.
      • & Ryanair appointed two new non-executive directors to the board.
      • The company currently has four executive directors and one independent director on its board.

    • 1.2(of department, project)

      director masculine
      directora feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1Cinema Theatre

      director masculine
      directora feminine
      • The film director Jean Cocteau was a very strange man, in a decidedly French way.
      • Jews played a major part in theater and in the film industry as producers, directors and actors.
      • Film directors often gave comedy actors like Vivek a relatively free hand in developing the humour track.
      • There isn't a strong enough commitment to letting people take risks with producers, directors and actors.
      • Actors, directors and producers gathered in the city the other day to check this menace.
      • He filled the roles of writer, producer, director and actor during his years in theatre.
      • Balkan film directors, actors and students in the field will join the discussion section of Dionisia.
      • Like many Shakespearean film directors, Branagh shoots long sequences in one continuous take.
      • I often receive requests from film directors and producers asking if they could use a track from one of my albums.
      • I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to the many actors / directors who are producing our local plays today.
      • These directors and actors have either entered Hollywood or become darlings of film festivals.
      • Peter Hall was the director and Laurence Olivier and Charles Laughton were still on the payroll.
      • Barda has worked as a presenter in some television shows and as an actor and film director.
      • Commercials are good for actors to meet directors and for them to see how you work.
      • I didn't like ' Aliens' until I saw the director's cut.
      • He says he is confident that his director's cut will be better appreciated.
      • Just sat through the 311 minute director's cut of 1900 with a friend.
      • The sole significant extra on the disc is a director's commentary from Jewison.
      • There's a gag reel, which is really funny, director's commentary.
      • Some deleted (actually extended) scenes are included with the director's commentary.

    • 2.2mainly US Music

      director masculine
      directora feminine
      • But there are many music composers, directors and singers who do not support the remix culture.
      • Francesca Zambello, one of the world's foremost female directors of opera and musical theatre, will direct.
      • Those were days when the artistes, directors and composers used to spend days together to perfect the songs.
      • French directors of the time thought little of setting several composers to work on a score.
      • The Singers, under their director Tim Morris, will perform works by Monteverdi.