Translation of dirt farmer in Spanish:

dirt farmer


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    agricultor que trabaja su propia tierra
    • I've been a dirt farmer all my life.
    • He didn't argue with me a bit when I told him I thought one of his best roles was the dirt farmer, Willie Crawford, in the 1956 Robert Wagner war movie ‘Between Heaven and Hell.’
    • Late developer is a description that might sit snugly on 42-year-old Knight's shoulders, but this does not devalue the New Jersey man's articulation of the dirt farmer's mentality in his adopted state of Kentucky.
    • But, I tell you, mine are going to be really valuable someday because I'm carving real dirt farmers, Minnesota dirt farmers, and these people are disappearing from Minnesota.
    • However, ‘there were no dirt farmers or poor artisans attending the convention to proffer an opposing viewpoint.’
    • Through most of its history, the Democratic Party was the natural home of hard-pressed, unglamorous America - manual workers, dirt farmers, small businessmen just a bad month away from bankruptcy court.
    • There's no dirt under Veneman's fingernails, for she's spent her career in Washington and Sacramento, pushing for free-trade and biotech policies that rip off and displace our nation's real dirt farmers.
    • Like most of the gentlemen of his class, Carter despised the hurly-burly of an electoral system that forced him to appeal for the votes of dirt farmers, whom he held in utter contempt.
    • She came of better stock than Texas dirt farmers, or so she thought.
    • Belonging mostly to the gentry, they had no intention of becoming dirt farmers or laborers in America.
    • Given this, the plight of the dirt farmers who were forced to evacuate their 40 acres in the Dirt Bowl in Oklahoma of the 1930s was doubly tragic.
    • I mean, even us dirt farmers could have told you that more demand for electricity and no new generating plants would make the price go up.