Translation of dirty weekend in Spanish:

dirty weekend


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    to go on a dirty weekend with sb irse de fin de semana con un/una amante
    • It's only really been a couple of dirty weekends.
    • A couple of thousand strategically placed dirty weekends would do more for world peace than anything dreamt up in the security council.
    • Much will depend on his attitude to international affairs, traditionally a weak point in US presidents who think it means a dirty weekend in Acapulco.
    • I have been very excited about getting my new car - sadly the vendors dirty weekend with hubby has prevented me getting it yet - but tomorrow is the big day!
    • The traditional home of the dirty weekend has acquired a few stylish new hotels of late, but for sheer sauciness, none of them can match the Pelirocco.
    • Every room has a console and many a dirty weekend here will be rendered impotent by ‘just one more go’ at Gran Turismo.
    • I'm trying to persuade Internet Girl to go for a dirty weekend.
    • Nicholson is forced to spend time at his young girlfriend's mother's house after having a heart attack during a dirty weekend.
    • Someone picks three people, and you have to decide who you'd have a dirty weekend with, who you'd marry, who you'd kill.
    • Brighton, spiritual home of the dirty weekend, has cleaned up it's act - not that this means you have to.
    • Dudley and Lola try not to let their insalubrious surroundings get in the way of their dirty weekend and with the help of an appropriately placed bucket Dudley is able to excite his wife for the first time!
    • Or maybe that they'd gone up to East Grinstead for a dirty weekend.
    • At his side, but who knows for how long, is his wife Lola, looking forward to their dirty weekend.
    • Our lucky correspondent accompanied Hottie X on the traditional dirty weekend to Toronto.