Translation of disagree in Spanish:


no estar de acuerdo, v.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsəˈɡri/ /dɪsəˈɡriː/

See Spanish definition of discutir

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(differ in opinion)

      no estar de acuerdo
      disentir formal
      to disagree with sb/sth no estar de acuerdo con algn/algo
      formal disentir / discrepar de algn/algo

      • no one ventured to disagree
      • I (must) disagree
      • Len Wallace respected all opinions - even while disagreeing - and he was always honest, focused and principled.
      • Post-trial newspaper reports paint a picture of pathological mayhem, with medical experts disagreeing and changing their opinions.
      • But when relaxed, he is charming, deferring politely to opinions with which he disagrees and displaying a conscientious desire to understand.
      • She and I were too different and always disagreed but she made my son happy.
      • In the first trial, the judge agreed and, in the second trial, a different trial judge disagreed.
      • They arrive at different estimates; they disagree about how many peanuts there are in front of them.
      • Indeed, different scientists even disagree as to what the best edition of the map is at any one time.
      • Historians disagree about exactly when the decline of the British empire began.
      • I would respectfully disagree with your statement that we're becoming more like our enemy.
      • I respectfully disagree with your statement that it wouldn't hurt to play these games in New Orleans this year.
      • For reasons which follow, I respectfully disagree with his conclusion.
      • However, 12.5 percent totally disagreed with the statement and another 8.2 disagreed with it.
      • But don't think everybody has it in for you - some experts totally disagree.
      • And unfortunately, she's well aware that some readers disagree vehemently with articles I've written.
      • In other words, they disagreed then and disagree now fundamentally with the characterization of the threat.
      • A spokesperson for the Department of Health said they completely disagreed with the views put forward by Mr McNamara.
      • In fact, scientists don't disagree on these matters nearly as much as some would have you believe!
      • Advice from professionals can help, but experts often disagree.
      • There are always people who disagree on the issues of abortion, homosexuality and religion.

    • 1.2(quarrel)

      to disagree with sb discutir con algn

    • 1.3(conflict)

      (figures/reports/accounts) no coincidir
      (figures/reports/accounts) discrepar
      to disagree with sth no coincidir con algo
      • The various accounts disagree over whether it was the whole of his left ear or just part of it which was cut.
      • The remaining ‘incongruous’ crosses disagreeing in gene order with the largest clique were used to infer the existence of inversion polymorphism.
      • Couples go through a number of statements and see whether they agree, disagree, or are undecided about them.
      • However, what each of the Gospels describes - though disagreeing quite radically on details - is nothing that deserves the name legal proceedings but rather a travesty thereof.

  • 2

    (cause discomfort)
    to disagree with sb sentarle / caerle mal a algn