Traducción de disagreement en Español:


desacuerdo, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdɪsəˈɡrimənt/ /dɪsəˈɡriːmənt/

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  • 1

    (difference of opinion)
    desacuerdo masculino
    disconformidad femenino
    to express (one's) disagreement expresar su (or mi etc.) desacuerdo / disconformidad
    • to be in disagreement (with sb/sth) estar en desacuerdo (con algn/algo)
    • I hate arguments and disagreements although I love debates and discussions.
    • If all disagreements stem from a lack of understanding, does that mean one party is misunderstanding, or both?
    • We cannot allow disagreements to build into disputes, conflict or antagonism.
    • There was a broad consensus on this, though there were some disagreements over the details.
    • Children can also gain valuable skills by learning to cope with disagreements and disputes.
    • What we need now is more arguments, where disagreements are forced to the fore and their consequences spelt out.
    • While the plan is likely to be approved, these disagreements do not bode well for the future.
    • Universities are by nature institutions where such debate and disagreements must occur.
    • How did he end up falling for her during all of their petty arguments and disagreements?
    • Arguments and disagreements between provinces were easily sorted out by the Council and the Shaman.
    • Conciliation is a way of dealing with complaints that helps to avoid difficult disagreements.
    • Some of the most fundamental political disagreements and conflicts concern values.
    • In many parts of the globe disputes over history are often not arcane or academic disagreements.
    • Displaying the temporary disagreements to the public would hamper communication of the consensus.
    • And there were disagreements about fears associated with online interaction.
    • It was clear that some of our players put petty disagreements above devotion to the cause and we all paid the penalty.
    • But he stepped down last year after disagreements with the club president.
    • However, disagreements within the party threaten to slow the pace of change.
    • In any democracy, as in any blog, its helpful and fun to have disagreements.
    • When there were disagreements, the two sides were always able to compromise.
  • 2

    discusión femenino
  • 3

    discrepancia femenino
    • The apparent disagreement between the result of Field and ours was solved by a model simulation.
    • There is a natural difference in emphasis but no underlying legal disagreement.
    • Two assessors independently reviewed each trial, and disagreements were resolved by consensus.
    • Data were independently abstracted by three of the authors and disagreements were resolved by consensus.