Traducción de disappear en español:


desaparecer, v.

Pronunciación /ˌdɪsəˈpɪr/ /dɪsəˈpɪə/

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verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(become invisible)

      the ship disappeared over the horizon el barco desapareció / se perdió en el horizonte
      • she disappeared from sight desapareció
      • he kept disappearing into the bathroom every five minutes cada cinco minutos desaparecía y se metía en el baño
      • to make sth disappear hacer desaparecer algo
      • It was only a couple of minutes ago since the sun just about disappeared into the clouds and the clouds, in turn, turned the color of a dull gray.
      • When the sun rose a little higher and grew warm, they disappeared into the forest.
      • The sun framed it as it disappeared into the distance.
      • Al gave a hearty laugh as the two disappeared into the stables, the sun setting bright colors behind them.
      • The bird flapped soundlessly into the air and disappeared into the glare of the overhead sun.
      • The 62-year-old watched as the ferocious feline sprinted for 30 seconds before it disappeared into woodland near a reservoir.
      • I watch as a flash, of white past through to trees, then disappeared again into the darkness.
      • He looked around for a moment then disappeared around the corner.
      • His figure was disappearing just around the corner now… almost gone.
      • She looked back once and flashed me a small but dazzling smile then disappeared into the crowd.
      • We walked slowly along the promenade eating our ice creams and the sun was just disappearing over the horizon.
      • Leon and Chris watched until he completely disappeared around the corner.
      • He yawned as the last glimpses of the July sun disappeared over the horizon.
      • The sun was disappearing over the horizon, and Eleanor hasn't moved an inch.
      • "Nice meeting you, " waved Joey, as the beautiful girl disappeared down the hall.
      • In utter amazement, Kirby found herself standing alone on the curb watching Jason's taillights disappear into the night.
      • Unable to get close its prey, it walked backwards disappearing into the darkness.
      • Before Kayline could recover from her surprise, he had disappeared into the crowd.
      • Sighing, Julie says a polite goodbye to Clark and disappears up the stairs.
      • I stare at the back of his head until he disappears down another hallway.

    • 1.2(become lost)

      to disappear without (a) trace desaparecer sin dejar rastro
      • The Swindon Branch operates a lost and found register to assist those who are concerned about a stray or whose cat has disappeared.
      • If there's a good thing in lost property, sometimes it will disappear before anyone's had time to claim it.
      • Red-faced security chiefs have now discovered that a special receipt book - the only record that the purse had ever existed - has also disappeared.

  • 2

    (pain/problems) desaparecer
    (pain/problems) irse
    (worries/fears) desvanecerse
    • The mystery of Atlantis, both whether it existed and why it disappeared, has fired the imagination of explorers for decades.
    • For better or worse, many of the boundaries that previously existed have disappeared.
    • But as this year's Budget approaches, speculation is rife that certain exemptions and reliefs which currently exist are about to disappear.
    • The lecturer combated the view that national style in highly-developed music either did not exist or was now disappearing.
    • Thus, after slavery ended, former slaves caught up to free blacks, and the large literacy gap that existed between them disappeared.
    • There is growing evidence that what central control of them existed has now disappeared and we are back to local fiefdoms doing their own sectarian things.
    • The money being loaned out hasn't disappeared, it still exists and by golly it is still making profits for the bankers.
    • Other and more influential causes of disease must have existed that subsequently disappeared.
    • That reference, if it ever existed - has now disappeared from the site.
    • Even the fireplace was covered, whatever warmth having once existed there disappeared.
    • In addition, the incidence of lung cancer and deaths from all causes decreased but did not disappear completely after the supplementation ceased.
    • Just as it had quickly appeared her smile had completely disappeared just as quickly.
    • Brandon said as his smile soon disappeared off his face.
    • Unless males are brought in from elsewhere, these herds will soon disappear altogether.
    • Dialects could soon disappear altogether as accents in urban areas merge into one.
    • One reads with sadness reports that in Germany funeral practices are rapidly disappearing altogether.
    • One of Bradford's best known landmarks disappeared in a puff of smoke yesterday.
    • Each time he gets the shot the symptoms disappear within hours.
    • The frown disappeared from his face, leaving an expression of seriousness.
    • Symptoms disappeared one month after cessation of soybean ingestion.