Translation of disappoint in Spanish:


decepcionar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪnt/ /dɪsəˈpɔɪnt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (let down)
    (person) decepcionar
    I'm sorry to disappoint you lamento decepcionarlo
    • the book disappointed me el libro me decepcionó
    • They constantly disappoint the young by failing to live up to their expectations of them.
    • It is no concern of the author that their readers might attempt to replicate a way of life that does not exist, or be disappointed when they fail to do so.
    • Yet many could be disappointed if more men fail to come forward.
    • Yet only the most indifferent supporter could fail to be disappointed at how the season has imploded.
    • And once again it didn't fail to disappoint every Burnley fan and player.
    • Although I do not wish to disappoint you, we have been in a constant state of stalemate.
    • She did not want to disappoint him and wished that she hadn't stepped forward.
    • The society said it was dismayed and disappointed by the club's actions.
    • He said he was disappointed and disillusioned by the treatment of asylum seekers in Britain.
    • Well no matter how low my expectations might have been, they would have been disappointed.
    • I'm trying to not get expectations too high though because I am bound to be disappointed if I do.
    • Many readers have been disappointed by the performance of the stock market.
    • What, if anything, will please or disappoint fans of the video game?
    • Cllr Michael Foley said it was disappointing to hear of the slow progress.
    • US storage giant EMC has reiterated its guidance for the year, disappointing investors slightly.
    • They had been disappointed on too many occasions but they couldn't help it.
    • A pessimist, they say, is someone passionate who has been disappointed on too many occasions.
    • You should not get carried away by success or get disappointed by failure.
    • I am occasionally disappointed by the failure of some ACLU Chapters to live up to their libertarian pedigree.
    • While disappointed by the delay he was glad the operation had commenced.
  • 2

    (fall short of)
    (hopes/desires) defraudar
    the town disappointed our expectations el pueblo nos decepcionó / nos defraudó
    • her ambitions were disappointed sus ambiciones se vieron defraudadas
    • We hope to interest admirers of the genre and hope we do not disappoint their expectations.
    • What he does is very good, but systematically disappoints all expectations of the Wagner community, both fans and enemies alike.
    • Livingstone would not be exempt from a Blair-type trashing if he too disappoints these high expectations.
    • The expectation is disappointed because the universe is simply impersonal and uncaring.
    • He marries, then, unwillingly, just as he, on his wedding day, unwillingly disappoints Mary's expectation of a honeymoon trip.
    • A product which causes injury when put to its core uses clearly disappoints consumer expectations, and liability should be imposed accordingly.
    • Ten years later, there is no doubt that many of these hopes were disappointed.
    • If such hopes were disappointed, equity markets and investment could fall further.
    • When our expectations are disappointed, we blame ourselves rather than Nature.
    • Initial hopes were disappointed but the reason became apparent early in the New Year.
    • She didn't want to turn around, didn't want to disappoint her foolish hopes.
    • This is an encouraging sign that the company is unlikely to disappoint market expectations.
    • One last set of inflated expectations likely to be disappointed is New Labour's.
    • We got hit from both sides of the debate and disappointed both sets of expectations.
    • Their deepest expectation, currently repressed, is that their expectations will be disappointed.
    • The good leader has to disappoint these expectations at a rate the people can stand.

intransitive verb

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