Traducción de disappointing en español:


decepcionante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪn(t)ɪŋ/ /dɪsəˈpɔɪntɪŋ/

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    the results were very disappointing los resultados fueron muy decepcionantes
    • how disappointing! ¡qué desilusión!
    • they finished a disappointing fourth quedaron en cuarto lugar, lo cual fue muy decepcionante
    • He said it was very disappointing that at some home games the travelling team had more support than Easkey.
    • He said it was very disappointing that so many prisoners were reconvicted within two years.
    • I always find it kind of disappointing that you stop seeing his stuff after a while.
    • "It was a bitterly disappointing result and we did not play well, " he admitted.
    • Lancashire will be aiming for revenge after they suffered a bitterly disappointing defeat at Leicester last month.
    • They are a solid group of people and they will stick together after what was a bitterly disappointing defeat.
    • In a hugely disappointing season for the Saints, Knight was a decided bright spot.
    • Research on controlled fusion power has now been going on for a half century with somewhat disappointing results.
    • The book had a rather disappointing ending because she is " rescued " again by another man.
    • After all the effort that s been put in over the years it must be particularly disappointing for local people.
    • Yet, in spite of all that, this writer found it disappointing.
    • We find it disappointing and, for someone of your standing, surprising.
    • The Huskies hope to rebound from a disappointing fifth place finish in Hockey East.
    • Kerry's disappointing third place finish in New Hampshire might compel him to drop out.
    • Don't let a disappointing performance from your last meet affect your next meet.
    • Northerly needed to show some return to form after two disappointing starts in August.
    • Kilner will also be looking for more from his forwards after their disappointing showing on Saturday.
    • Once again, the audio is slightly disappointing due to the lack of commentary.
    • People have their reasons, it's just… slightly disappointing is all.
    • In addition, the response by the government to such reports has frequently been conspicuously disappointing.