Translation of disappointingly in Spanish:


de manera decepcionante, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪn(t)ɪŋli/ /ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪntɪŋli/


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    (perform/react) de manera decepcionante
    it's disappointingly short/superficial es tan corto/superficial que resulta decepcionante
    • The left has made disappointingly slow progress in building a meritocratic society.
    • The day started disappointingly with no umpires turning up.
    • Rapley could have taken the game into extra time when he latched on to a long clearance but shot disappointingly wide.
    • After a bright opening they lost their way and finished disappointingly.
    • Ossett were crowned champions two years ago but were not promoted and performed disappointingly last season.
    • Both candidates polled disappointingly in this Senate election.
    • The last time we played here, we know we lost disappointingly.
    • For all the vast erudition which so impressed his contemporaries, he wrote disappointingly little.
    • At the 1972 Games, the Briton ran disappointingly in the 10,000m to finish sixth.
    • As a film, it lends itself well to feelings and sets; as a story, it often falls disappointingly flat.
    • Yet, disappointingly, few of the scholarly articles are mentioned in the notes or bibliography.
    • Disappointingly soon, the helicopters whisk us back to camp.
    • Disappointingly, however, bad weather forced the cancellation of my whale-watching trip.
    • Unfortunately - and disappointingly - the official data does show the lengths of parenting leave by gender.
    • However, unsurprisingly, but nonetheless disappointingly, the book for me, fails to achieve this goal.
    • Secondly, and perhaps disappointingly, pretty much the only thing taught about him is those seven unforgettable words.
    • Indeed, unusually and disappointingly, his decision not only quotes but actually relies upon a Washington Post OpEd on the issue!
    • Surprisingly, perhaps a bit disappointingly, the menu has not been renovated as extensively as the dining room.
    • Disappointingly, though, she offers very little that is unfamiliar about Thomas Jefferson.
    • Perhaps disappointingly, investigation techniques such as shadowing or discreetly checking out somebody's background take up just a small fraction of the course.